A Man's World (2017)

13min   |   English 

Director:  Fred Cavender

Writers: Fred Cavender and Anne Sinagra

Starring: Lloyd Lewis, Kaitlyn McGill, Rob Lawrence


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Given the deplorable revelations coming out of Hollywood with regards to the treatment of women by male execs and even filmmakers over recent months, it would be interesting to posit the following scenario. If women were a rare, even endangered species, would men treat them any better?


Such is the premise of short film A Man’s World, written and directed by Fred Cavender, and the answer is regrettably a resounding no.


Set largely in a dark car park, Charlie (Lloyd Lewis) is in a van with Jack (Rob Lawrence) and the two of them enjoy some light banter and a hip flask whilst they wait for their boss to finalise their transaction, which concerns the merchandise in the back of the van."

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