Carga (2018)

20min   |   English, Spanish, Kurdish


Director: Yad Deen

Writers: Yad Deen, Chesco Simón

Starring: Tania Watson, Agustín Mateo, Rawand Khalid Saeed 

Set in a remote factory in Iraq, two filmmakers (Tania Watson and Agustín Mateo) look to uncover the secrets hidden within. Knowing that their presence is likely to be unwelcome and doing their best to stay under the radar, the pair must put their trust in their driver (Rawand Khalid Saeed) and pretty much hope for the best.


Carga, a short film directed by Yad Deen, who also co-writes here with Chesco Simón, benefits from an incredibly tense atmosphere throughout."


Chris Olson, UK Film Review