Festival Help Page

Frequently asked questions

Do the films have subtitles/captions?

All the films will have English captions. There are no other languages available for subtitles. Some of the films are not in the English language and will have English subtitles burned into them.

Can I Chromecast the films?

Yes. Our video player is compatable with Google Chromecast.

How do I Chromecast films with Captions?

If you wish to Chromecast a film with the subtitles added: - Go to the film's viewing page on a laptop or desktop computer (not your phone) - View the page using Google Chrome browser - Click the 3 dots which appear at the top right of your browser (just under the X) - Click the "Cast" option - Cast to your device - Then play and toggle the options to add subtitles using the controls on the player

How do I add Captions whilst watching?

On the video player, there will be a control icon at the top right. Click this and you will see a menu with options, one of which will be subtitles if the film has them - which you can turn on. Please note: some films do not have captions instead they have a second version with them burned in.

How do I change the resolution of the film I am watching?

On the player there is a control icon at the top right, click this and you can choose the resolution to watch back in.

How long will I have to watch the films?

The films will be released in batches. On Friday 13th November, you can watch the films from Shorts Batch 1, Features Batch 1 and Documentaries Batch 1. On Saturday 14th November, Shorts Batch 2, Features Batch 2, and Documentaries Batch 2 will be available. On Sunday 15th, Shorts Batch 3, Features Batch 3 and Documentaries Batch 3 will be available. All films will be available to watch until the end of Monday 16th of November.

Can I get a refund on my Festival Pass?

All Festival Pass sales are non-refundable once the event starts.

How do I attend the Live Q&As?

There will be a link available via the UKFRF page. We will also send out emails to Festival Pass holders. You must have a Festival Pass in order to attend. The Q&As will take place via Google Meet - so we recommend downloading the app to your phone if that's how you plan to join or use the Google Chrome browser and be signed into a Google account.

Can I watch all the films straight away?

No. We wanted to create a "festival" experience and not just a bunch of films dumped on in one go. Antipcation is good for the soul. The films are released in batches each day. We will also allow people to watch films from previous days (e.g. you can still watch Friday's films on Saturday), and ALL films will be available until the end of Monday 16th.