2025: The Genocide Program

Directed by:

Written by:

Nick Myer

Nick Myer


Nick Myer


Shrubaboti Bose, UK Film Review

"This short film has a very interesting take on the sociopolitical scenario of today’s world. A military insider has supposedly escaped from the base camp to transmit a secret message to his close friend Jack, warning him about a soon-to-be-imposed dangerous plan of a global culling. He says, “The people have to wake up from their mind-control state” and claims that it is a “Red Alert Situation”. He discusses how the system has placed microchip implants inside every human beings such that nobody can detect their presence or stop the “depopulating” strategy when it finally kicks in. The static noises that can be heard along with the tone of urgency in the voice of the protagonist grabs our attention right from the start."

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