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God's Kingdom

Directed by:

Written by:

Guy Soulsby

Guy Soulsby


Anthony Flanagan, Amanda Foster, Rod Glenn

Jack Bottomley, UK Film Review

"It is remarkable how often you find yourself saying, when reviewing features, that a specific concept may have worked better as a short film but it is even more surprising how increasingly often that the opposite applies to short films. Some ideas carry such weight, such potential and such impact that a shorter duration feels like a tease and in the case of writer/director Guy Soulsby’s incredibly shot God’s Kingdom; this is most certainly the case. The short sees Jack (Anthony Flanagan) and young Ella (Leah Rhodes) on the run but whom are they running from?
...God’s Kingdom was a gripping, fascinating watch and no doubt but a brief glimpse into the mind of a confident filmmaker. Wowing in a number of respects, the minor niggles that disrupt the pace or small intricacies of the overall story do not detract from a strong piece of work all round by this team. Blessed (if you’ll pardon the pun) with a brilliant crew, setting and a rather excellent cast, Soulsby has delivered a most interesting film and I can only pray we shall see more good things on the horizon."

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God's Kingdom


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