Hell's Bells (2017)

14min   |   English 


Director: Luke Jeffery

Writers: Luke Jeffery

Starring: Magda Cassidy, Charlie Coldfield, Richard Feltham, Marie Cassidy, Phil Kingslan-John, Josh Fedrick, & Matthew Lawrenson


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Morris dancing hasn't been this dark and mysterious since...well...ever! In a seriously entertaining short film, filmmaker Luke Jeffery delivers a black comedy literally with bells on, with a story which will make you question your whole reality. Or at least your perception of minority dance troupes...​

The script is tight and...ahem...well choreographed. Nothing in the film felt baggy or unnecessary, and the use of accordion music to sew the scenes together was a lovey touch. A particularly impressive scene is a Fight Club style sequence where a man with a green face and antlers (Phil Kingslan-John) squares off against Cassidy, who then begins a fight to the death. Or a chorus of chanting which is pretty unnerving."


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