Jacob (2018)

9min   |   English


Director: Bobby Chase

Writers: Bobby Chase

Starring: Jack Boggan, Bobby Chase, Jennifer Lefsyk


Rachel Pullen, UK Film Review

"Jacob, straight off the bat, is visually stunning; expansive drone shots over their hometown allow us to not only familiarise the viewer with the suburban backdrop but also bring a sense of understanding that there is a big wide world out there that sometimes we don’t remember exists.


Bobby listens to phone messages, generating a backdrop to the events that are about to unfold, foreshadowed by a phone call from his worried mother about his brother falling into depressive acts again, so like a good bro, he heads over to see if he is ok.


Of course it is not long until he discovers the body of his brother hanging from the basement ceiling, and here is where the film takes a fresh approach to the subject, rather than the dramatic orchestral score and crying from Bobby, we see him fall into shock, he runs around frantically, goes to a neighbour and then makes a rather calm phone call to 911, believable?... hell yes."

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