Miracle (2019)

16min   |   English 


Director: Dimitar Stoyanov

Writers: Dimitar Stoyanov

Starring: Aislinn DeAth, Shatrovski, Clare Almond


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"An eclectic filmmaking mix from writer and director Dimitar Stoyanov, with his tongue in cheek short film Miracle.

Aislinn De'Ath plays Margaret, a pianist whose sophisticated and charmed lifestyle is rudely invaded when a visa-less migrant (Shatrovski) arrives to perform some home repairs. Not only are the man's credentials in question, he has the gall to down her alcohol and die on the kitchen floor. Going through a routine of shock, shame, and dancing with the corpse, Margaret attempts to grapple with her inner liberalism which is at odds with her dislike of immigrants.