Homicide Evidence 3 - 7 Day Rental

Homicide Evidence 3 - 7 Day Rental


1hr 22min   |  Language: English

Director: Ray Ragenious

Writer: Ray Ragenious

Starring: Ray Ragenious, James Luna, Gabe Perdue, John Garner, Eddie Gomez, Irene Frederik


Found footage meets Dexter in Homicide Evidence 3, an indie horror/thriller, written, directed by, and starring Ray Ragenious. Depicting the exertions of a doctor-cum-scientist as he goes about numerous experiments on human body parts, all of which have been documented and, supposedly, lost in a police evidence locker. We witness his numerous tests through the window of a video tape (yeah, remember those?), and start to piece together the magnitude of his maniacal ministrations.


Your purchase includes a PDF ticket with all the info needed to give you 3 day access to the movie. By proceeding you agree to not share or distribute any details from your purchase with anyone else. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action.

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