Staying Ahead - 7 Day Rental


15min   |   English 


Director: Steve Sage Goldberg

Writers: Lee Kolinsky​

Starring: Sal Rendino, Joseph A. Halsey, Gerry Glennon


Allan is a degenerate gambler trying to just stay ahead. When he is confronted by his bookie and his estranged wife, he must either sell his business or pay off his debt. Starring Sal Rendino, Joseph A. Halsey, Gerry Glennon and Tony Deville. Written by Lee Kolinsky, Directed by Steve Sage Goldberg.


Your purchase includes a PDF ticket with all the info needed to give you 7 day access to the movie. By proceeding you agree to not share or distribute any details from your purchase with anyone else. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action. 

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