The Debt of Maximillian - 1 Day Rental

The Debt of Maximillian - 1 Day Rental




1hr 23min   |  Language: English (English Subtitles Available)

Director: Saxon Moen

Writer: Saxon Moen

Starring: Travis Lee Eller, Mark Valeriano, Angelica Briones


Maximillian (Max) is in debt and has a serious addiction no one knows anything about. He begs family and friends for large sums of money, but no one's willing to help. His successful older brother has doubts about why he needs the money. Max's only hope is his younger brother Kyle, who's collected a stash of money he's skimmed off his "side" gig. He just wants to leave this place for someplace better with his fiancee, Nena. Bank letters pile up, threatening to take his house. Max is desperate to find a way out, all the while promising his pregnant wife that she and their young daughter will always have a home to live in. With pressure increasing to find quick money, Max takes a big gamble. Hanging on to a thread of hope, he takes a blind chance to get himself out of debt, to put him above water. But as some will say, luck plays a wicked game.


Your purchase includes a PDF ticket with all the info needed to give you 1 day access to the movie. By proceeding you agree to not share or distribute any details from your purchase with anyone else. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action.

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