Real Talk (2017)

26min   |   English 


Director:  Sufian Abulohom, Bruna Weichert

Writers: n/a

Starring: n/a


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"A tapestry of raw humanity, documentary film Real Talk: An Insight into the Lives of American University Students is directed by Sufian Abulohom and Bruna Weichert and captures something candidly affecting about the nature of young people traversing into adulthood. Full of diversity, emotion, and honesty, it's a film that audiences will be able to connect with, if only in places...


As a documentary, Real Talk is a deeply personal, intelligent, and well crafted piece. At times the variety of topics can feel like you are drifting, but once you embrace the endless differences being shown and how they are all connected to the same core experience, this is actually essential to understanding the message and power of the film."

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