Red Room (2017)

Please note: This film is NOT available to rent in the US or Canada due to distribution conflicts. This film alson contains strong adult content.

1hr 36min   |   English, Portuguese

Director: Stephen Gaffney

Writers: Stephen Gaffney, Erica Keegan

Starring: Amy Kelly, Sohaila Lindheim, Saoirse Doyle, John D’Alessandro, Eddie Jackson, Brian Fortune, Rodrigo Ternevoy


Hannah Sayer, UK Film Review

"Stephen Gaffney’s Red Room follows a group of violent men taking advantage of, and committing horrific acts of violence against young women for others pleasure in a voyeuristic and disturbing set up. In this extreme horror film, which relies heavily on shocking acts of violence, the majority of the film follows a predictable sequence of events, until an exciting revenge twist flips everything that has come before it."