Rose (2012)

1hr 26min   |   English 


Director: Kemal Yildirim

Writers: Jack James, Stephen Loveless, Kemal Yildirim

Starring: Helen Clifford, Mike Mitchell, Patrick Regis


UK Film Review

"Directed by Kemal Yildirim, this is a story that has incredible potential, but instead leaves its audience with a confusing script and an obsession with violence.

Rose situates a young woman (Helen Clifford) in the fictional town of Hellville, who has resorted to prostitution to support her drug habit and her young daughter, Ellie (Chelsea Alcock). When she betrays the proclaimed ‘Czar of Hellville,’ Blondie (Mike Mitchell), he becomes enraged and seeks to punish her. Rose, along with Ellie and fighter Tony (Patrick Regis) seek to escape Blondie’s dictatorship and find a better life together."