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Somewhere in France (2017)

22min   |   English 

Director:  Fred Cavender

Writers: Fred Cavender, Lloyd Lewis

Starring: Melissa Rindell, Mark Denieffe, Dan Rock, Roxanne Brumachon, Didier Delahais


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Welcome to Somewhere In France, the stoner, road-trip, Western, heist-movie from director Fred Cavender that plays fast and loose with its plot, its characters, and it's tone to create an uneasy yet passable comedy...

From a filmmaking and technical level, Somewhere In France has a nice pedigree. Cavender has proven himself to be a formidable craftsman when it comes to the aesthetics of his short films, and here it is the same. I particularly enjoyed a hazy, fog-filled montage where the villains attempt to subdue the undercover officer with second hand smoke. This sequence felt the most consistent with the stoner comedy approach."