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S.P.L.I.T (2016)

81min   |   English 


Director: Robbie Walsh

Writers: Robbie Walsh, 

Starring: Robbie Walsh, David Alexander, Damien Dempsey


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"This is Spinal Tap meets Goodfellas on a very limited budget, this Irish comedy mockumentary is at once a damning indictment of the violent tendencies arising in communities desperate to remain detached, and a silly buddy movie that gets a lot of mileage from the central duo’s dynamic."

A Robbie Walsh film that scored a 4-star review from UK Film Review.

Using a mockumentary format, two hired killers are followed by a camera crew as they go about their daily hits with hilarious (if un-pc) results.

Watch the indie film trailer for S.P.L.I.T.