Stare Into The Lights My Pretties (2017)

2hr 9min   |   English 


Director: Jordan Brown

Writers: Jordan Brown

Starring: Jacob Appelbaum, Kevin Bankston, Tim Berners-Lee


Chris Buick, UK Film Review

"Stare Into The Lights My Pretties is the first feature-length documentary from Australian filmmaker Jordan Brown, which looks at our compulsive obsession with our devices and how screen culture can affect us all physically, psychologically and socially. How has the way we perceive the world changed? How has our capacity for empathy been diminished and how has our ability to obtain knowledge, not just information, been affected?...

Stare Into the Lights My Pretties tries to make us look deeper into the "black mirror" and open up the discussion about how screen culture is affecting our society and who is really gaining from our obsession. While it might not necessarily have all the answers, it certainly succeeds in asking the right questions."

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