The Apostate: Call of the Revenant (2015)

82min   |   English 


Director: Andy Dodd

Writers: Andy Dodd

Starring: James Bryhan, Terri Dwyer, Anthony Webster


Brian Penn, UK Film Review

"The opening 60 seconds are a statement of intent as a bloodied woman is slowly dragged along the floor; we should, even at this early stage consider our spines lightly chilled. Lance Cooper (Jay Bryhan) awakes with serious wounds in a disused car park.  Four mutilated victims are also found with no ready explanation of events.  Cooper is questioned by Detective Inspector Hollie Andrews (Terri Dwyer) as the facts slowly unravel in flashback. 

Graphic scenes of violence are kept to a minimum and are all the more gripping when they do emerge; even so, a wounded Cooper trying to crawl away from a bloodstained axe is visually more shocking. Simple touches give the film a terrific edge, particularly Michelle in close up with her screams muted in horror. Terri Dwyer loses the Hollyoaks tag with a confident portrayal of the hard bitten detective. However, Jay Bryhan delivers a genuinely menacing performance as Cooper, and wins my vote as the bloke who’s pint you’d least like to spill."

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