The Loner (2020)

6min   |   English 

Director:  Philip Brocklehurst

Writers: Philip Brocklehurst

Starring: Holly Williams, Jonathan Skye-O'Brien


Nathanial Eker, UK Film Review

"Sometimes simplicity is key, particularly in the short film category. A grand three act structure riddled with clever plant and pay offs, plot twists, and an ensemble cast is often less passionate and effective than the gorgeous clarity of five minutes of pure vision. Such is the case with The Loner, a lovely short that captures a slice of everyday life, exemplifying the dangers of loneliness without uttering a single word.

A lone man (Jonathan Skye-O’Brien) watches the world go by at the same spot every day, eating his same sandwich while peacefully observing the lives of each passer-by. His life is forever changed when a girl (Holly Williams) notices and joins him."

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