The Programme



Antony Spina


All the prison systems around the western world are being pushed to the brink. One by one they are failing. Now in the US, one man says he has solved the ever growing issue that the underfunding, the lack of staff, the drug fuelled violence and the gang culture has made of ever jail, lock-up, penitentiary and correctional institution around the world.

But what price must be paid for his solution? Must we all look the other way as some sin to save the sinners? Does the end justify the means? Or have we simply reached the point where this is what must be done?

A fictional film based on an ever-present element of truth. THE PROGRAMME takes a blunt look at what we have now, where we're going, and a possible future that may be yet to come.

Check out the trailer for this UKFRF 2020 Official Selection.