Woodwoo (2013)

12min   |   English 


Director:  Jonny Phillips

Writers: Jonny Phillips

Starring: Jonny Phillips and John Kirk


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Two tree surgeons going about their daily wood chipping should not be the ingredients for a gripping, edge-of-your-seat short film, but writer and director Jonny Phillips has concocted just such a piece with Woodwoo. With breathtaking camera work, a stark sound design, and a monumental lead performance, this is the stuff of expert cinema...


Phillips proves himself in front of, and behind, the camera with skill and aplomb. His performance is laden with subtlety that suited the tone of the story perfectly, coping well with the insinuation of his state-of-mind without splurging a load of exposition. Likewise Kirk is a great on screen presence, capable of adding moments of believable drama as well as dread through the more physical moments. A sequence where a branch nearly decapitates him is expertly delivered. "

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