About UK Film Channel

UK Film Channel was born out of a need from filmmakers and fans of UK Film Review, who needed a place to watch the best in indie cinema.

Short films and indie movies have always found a strong welcome at UK Film Review. We have reviewed them for years and do our best to promote the extraordinary talent behind them. This led us to start offering a place whereby the people reading the reviews could also watch the movies.

It is a simple relationship, one avoiding the complex structure set up by the film industry. We work directly with filmmakers to help them get more eyes on their films and make a little money to fund their next project.

In our dedicated Rent section you will find some of the latest indie movies to rent on our VOD platform. Simply choose the film you want to watch, make your payment, and you will be provided with an E-TICKET with details of how to watch.

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Watching Free Films

A lot of the films you will see on the UK Film Channel are FREE! That's right, completely free of charge - we don't even ask that you sign up to our website so we can send you copious amounts of newsletters or sell your details to comparison websites.

What would be great...though...would be if you could spread the word. The filmmakers who have added their movies to the Free Films section do so wanting to get more eyes on their craft. The least we can all do is share it like a fun-size bag of chocolate buttons.