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UK Film Channel Featured Trailers

Featured Movie Trailers

Need inspiration? Watch a movie trailer or two for some of the fantastic indie films to watch on the UK Film Channel. Just put them back when you are done.

Short film The Case, written and directed by Weiss Majewski, who also stars alongside Pavel Majauskas

Dimitar Stoyanov's short black comedy is a biting of the thumb to passive British racism and xenophobia.

A little trippy at times and full of cinematic beauty, watch the movie trailer for Miracle starring Aislinn De'Ath and Dimitar Shatrovski.

Rose is a hopeful woman broken by drugs, prostitution and Blondie, the Czar of Hellville. Struggling to support her habit, Rose finds herself and her six year old daughter at Hellville's mercy.

A Robbie Walsh film that scored a 4-star review from UK Film Review.

Depicting the harsh reality of homelessness in the UK. 

Watch the Eden indie film trailer.