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Do you love a good documentary? Us too! We also love free stuff. So enjoy these free documentary movies to watch online on the UK Film Channel.

The filmmakers behind these documentaries worked tirelessly to get their movie made and out into the world, so if you can do them a solid and Watch, Enjoy, and Share - our work will be done.

If you have a free documentary to watch online (perhaps it is on another VOD platform) make sure you get in touch. You can add it to the UK Film Channel and get more eyes on your movies. Our users are always looking for more films to enjoy and documentaries are a big part of that appetite.

Once you have finished watching free documentaries online, why not check out some of our other sections? We have a bunch of collections curated for your enjoyment! There's currently: Free Comedies, Free Horror Films, New Arrivals, and even a Featured Trailers section. Let us know on social media if you want to see a particular collection and we will do our best to assist.

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