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Do you love a good documentary? Us too! We also love free stuff. So enjoy these free documentary movies to watch online on the UK Film Channel.

The filmmakers behind these documentaries worked tirelessly to get their movie made and out into the world, so if you can do them a solid and Watch, Enjoy, and Share - our work will be done.

If you have a free documentary to watch online (perhaps it is on another VOD platform) make sure you get in touch. You can add it to the UK Film Channel and get more eyes on your movies. Our users are always looking for more films to enjoy and documentaries are a big part of that appetite.

Once you have finished watching free documentaries online, why not check out some of our other sections? We have a bunch of collections curated for your enjoyment! There's currently: Free Comedies, Free Horror Films, New Arrivals, and even a Featured Trailers section. Let us know on social media if you want to see a particular collection and we will do our best to assist.

"All Its Name Implies" focuses on the resilient residents of Paradise, California in the aftermath of the devastating Camp Fire. Most people have lost everything, and in their scramble to make sense of the unprecedented destruction, their shared sense of community only grows stronger. Featuring exclusive and powerful testimonials from the people who survived the inferno and created by filmmaker Ev Durán, who was raised in Paradise, "All Its Name Implies" is the story of Paradise, by Paradise, for Paradise.

All Its Name Implies

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"Tackling the devastating social effect of the Yemen civil war, this short documentary from filmmaker Sufian Abulohom is an emotionally ferocious undertaking that wrestles brilliantly with the crippling fear of living through a war zone and the impossibility of forgiving those who have dropped bombs on your family and community.

Yemen - The Silent War

Thousands of people commute to work every day, with an average travel time of 54 minutes. We explore the journeys of one of these commuters. His name is Brian.

The 38 to Hackney

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"A tapestry of raw humanity, documentary film Real Talk: An Insight into the Lives of American University Students is directed by Sufian Abulohom and Bruna Weichert and captures something candidly affecting about the nature of young people traversing into adulthood. Full of diversity, emotion, and honesty, it's a film that audiences will be able to connect with, if only in places...

Real Talk

Alfie Kaye, UK Film Review
"This breathtakingly-shot documentary consists of footage of relatively unknown marine species compiled by Johnson’s own personal dives in the Pelagic Black Water in Kona, Hawaii. Ask even the very best of photographers and they will all tell you that shooting under water is no easy task, yet, Oceanic Aliens share the same awe-inducing aesthetic qualities of Blue Planet II – managing to convince you, you are studying the species under the most intrusive of super resolution microscopes. "

Oceanic Aliens

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"Electric with myth, legend, and hearsay, short documentary Mission: Caligula is the exciting story behind filmmaker Alexander Tuschinski’s devotion and ongoing plan to restore a version of the notorious seventies film Caligula. However, unlike most movie restoration projects, this is not for aesthetic or technical reasons, instead the version which Tuschinski plans to painstakingly piece together is going to be more aligned to that of the original filmmaker, Tinto Brass, who was famously dismissed from the film during production...

Mission - Caligula
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