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UK Film Channel Comedy Films

Watch Free Comedy Films Online

Get your stapler ready, it's gut-busting time! Free Comedy Films on the UK Film Channel can all be found here. We have a wonderful selection of funny movies from excellent filmmakers around the world.​​​


Where can I watch free comedy movies online?

Finding legitimate (legal) free online movies is really difficult. So, how, we hear you ask, does UK Film Channel provide all of these short and indie films for free to viewers?


All the filmmakers on our film channel have released their movies for free already! They are on public platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo and we simply embed them from there. We do have their permission too.

Teammates struggle to complete the deadliest race on earth.

Obstacle Corpse

When a kid starts spending time in the real world, it's up to his smartphone to bring his attention back to where it belongs.

Like and Follow

A short film in which a journalist and her camera operator investigate a story about a man who has put his fingers in his ears and won't take them out.

The Man with His Fingers in His Ears

Her son is on the other side of the country. So is his girlfriend. You can be supportive from 2000 miles away for only so long, and this mother has hit her breaking point. Now Mom is finally on the road and there's no telling what she can convince herself to do to get this person away from her son.


A black comedy about a Californian geek in search of his horror hero Boris Karloff. Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, horror geek Merv Blanco holds forth in reverential ecstasy as he finally finds himself outside 36 Forest Hill Road, London, birthplace of his hero, screen legend Boris Karloff. But what awaits in the run-down kebab shop that occupies what was once the Karloff home, is not what Merv was expecting.

Boris in the Forest

This is Spinal Tap meets Goodfellas on a very limited budget.


An insecure mob boss enlists the help of an eccentric hit man to 'take out' his girlfriend's lover who he presumes to have a significantly larger penis. The only problem is, it's almost 4:00.


Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"Stoking the fire of racial tensions is an essential way to explore its complicated issues and damaging effect on communities. Short film The Visit, directed by Shane Andries, is a smart and compelling take on the current climate of volatility which surrounds particular stereotypes and manages to approach the topic with a unique perspective.

The Visit

In Maxime-Claude L’ Écuyer’s short film Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy, Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy from Hamlet is reimagined within the weird and wacky context of the intergalactic universe of Star Wars. To celebrate both the 40th anniversary of Star Wars original release and the recent 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the short film presents this soliloquy as the inner voice of a Stormtrooper.

Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy

Welcome to Somewhere In France, the stoner, road-trip, Western, heist-movie from director Fred Cavender that plays fast and loose with its plot, its characters, and it's tone to create an uneasy yet passable comedy...

Somewhere in France

Danny Bolt plays Constable Rose, a charming and likeable cop hoping for the easy transport of a prisoner in the back of his police car. Said prisoner, Ned (Lee Priest), is anything but cooperative though, and seeks escape at his first opportunity. However, their current location is in the massive unknown that is the Australian outback, where strange things start to happen.

Round Trip

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"Set upon a gorgeous clifftop and beach, the audience not only gets these breathtaking visuals, but also a poignant and affecting story with superb performances...
If you can write characters as believable and engaging as this, evoke performances as entertaining as this, and strike thematic chords with an audience as intelligently as this, then yours is the world my friend."

Meat on Bones

Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Peter "Lizard Man" LeSeurdmin (Drew Current) is a deadbeat misanthrope who has alcoholic tendencies and severe depression - the perfect qualities for a hero then. After getting wasted in front of his partner Nicole's (Rasheeda Moore) parents and wreaking havoc across town, Peter's life starts to crumble. Not only does Nicole leave him, but a brew of extremely rare lizard beer leaves his body a medical marvel! Also, he has captured the attention of a villain known as The Grillmaster (no, not George Foreman), who speaks almost exclusively in food puns. The Grillmaster (Sam Pink) has sent his goons known as "Munions" (wordplaying Minions and Onions we think), to hunt him down."


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"Immersing the viewer into the depths of familial angst, short film I Miss The War is an uneven yet moving piece of filmmaking, written and directed by Andrew Walsh...

In need of a slicker production and a tighter storyline, I Miss The War is still a piece of captivating cinema. The engaging performances make it a worthwhile watch and the subject matter is notably bold enough to make Walsh a filmmaker to watch out for in the future."

I Miss The War

"Morris dancing hasn't been this dark and mysterious since...well...ever! In a seriously entertaining short film, filmmaker Luke Jeffery delivers a black comedy literally with bells on, with a story which will make you question your whole reality. Or at least your perception of minority dance troupes...​" Chris Olson, UK Film Review

Hell's Bells

What goes around comes around, and not in the way Justin Timberlake wants us to believe, more in the way of trends, be it from fashion to art, to movie styles....and at the moment film is all about the 80’s. Ergh the 80’s. Bad music. bad hair, bad clothes....good horror films though. I don’t get it, I don’t get why we are in this renaissance of such an ugly period of time, but hey that’s just me, but you would have to live under a rock to not have noticed the surge of 80’s styles films and TV shows out there, from Stranger Things...another thing I don’t get the hype about, to movies like IT, we cannot get away from it.

So here you have another one to add to the ever growing list, Get Rich or Try Dying, an 80’s style sci fi comedy about a scientist who steals pills from the laboratory he works in that help him travel through time.
Rachel Pullen, UK Film Review

Get Rich or Try Dying

Annie Vincent, UK Film Review

"The latest offering from Tuperhero Films has landed and this time it's a comedy. This is slightly less well trodden territory for Fred Cavender, following success with several sci-fi and horror style shorts, including The Damned and Unique, and Day Shift is, sadly, less impressive...

Whilst The Damned and Unique were commended for their generic conventions and the manipulation of those classic ideas, a principle Day Shift is still founded upon, it hasn't worked quite as well in this instance. There is some mild amusement and certainly the cinematography and characterisation is of note, but this film won't illicit much more than a few chuckles and certainly not the belly laughs we might expect. It is an enjoyable watch though. It is light-hearted, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the writing is good enough to move you to irritation if nothing else...

Day Shift

"In the world of film journalism you cannot say the word music mockumentary without the words This Is Spinal Tap in the same sentence. It's a golden rule. And anyone who has seen, and loved, Spinal Tap will immediately see the influence on this short film from filmmaker Fred Cavender titled California Hotdog Champions." Chris Olson, UK Film Review

California Hotdog Champions

Darren Tilby, UK Film Review

"Full-bodied, good head, sharp and refreshing and I’ve forgotten what I’m supposed to be reviewing…

A simple premise: a man enjoys a pint at his local pub, whilst all around him little dramas, comedies, and love stories play out. At just over 3 minutes long, A Day in the Life in a Pint is the perfect length: any shorter and it would have felt rushed, any longer, and it would have become monotonous."

A Day in the Life of a Pint

In a waiting room, four hopefuls sit patiently for an upcoming job interview. The receptionist abruptly exits, but leaves behind a timer on his computer – 6 minutes and 16 seconds are on the clock and the interviewees must deduce what on earth is going on...


An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but encounters many obstacles along the way.

Alien Guy Tim
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