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UK Film Channel Free Sci-Fi Movies

Watch Free Sci-Fi Films

Free sci-fi movies have crash-landed on the UK Film Channel and we don't care who knows about! Unless you are evil cyborgs - you guys can fly out on the spaceship you flew in on.

Science fiction is arguably one of the most compelling cinematic genres. Why I hear you ask? Because storytelling gets to be far more playful without the need to adhere to believability. Some of the best indie filmmakers we have come across have dabbled, at least in part, in sci-fi films and we have collected some of the best free sci-fi films on the internet here.

And whilst you won't get household names like Kubrick or Nolan, you will get to support indie films by watching and sharing these free movies as much as is humanly, or alienly, possible. Seriously, glue your eyes to the screen and watch them at least 10 times. That's really the only way to consume these science-fiction fancies. And if you don't, we'll come a-knocking with the UK Film Channel Probe (patent pending).


Mark, the world’s first clone, is gathering technology so he can gather DNA samples and clone those wiped out in a biological attack, but the government is on his trail and want his technology – he must never let that happen. This version is the EXTENDED cut.

Mark #2 (Extended)

Mark, the world’s first clone, is gathering technology so he can gather DNA samples and clone those wiped out in a biological attack, but the government is on his trail and want his technology – he must never let that happen.

Mark #2

In the crime-filled streets of Future City, a lone cop faces off against the tyrannical criminal mastermind known only as The Boss.

Future Cop

Future Cop, a legendary super cop from the past, fights to save the future from the unrelenting forces of evil.

Future Cop 2

A Black Mirror inspired dystopia where our dreams can be recorded and rewatched like an old college football game, writer-director Iacopo Navari’s vision of a not too distant technological future is captivating but the actual story built within the world-building does lack the same ingenuity. Subconscious imagination has become a commodity in Navari’s film as Joel Hume desperate to regain his ability to dream calls the Sandman corporation to help him recapture his happiest dream revolving around his ex-girlfriend. Joel is visited by dream repairman Bob who does a begins a full brain diagnostic to find a solution to Joel’s predicament.

The Tape

Owen Herman, UK Film Review
"The opening shots of The Redemption Act set up a mystery. An extreme act of violence committed by one enraged man on another as a woman watches on in horror poses many questions. These questions are answered surprisingly quickly as the short takes this seemingly simple set up and turns into something you really don’t see coming...

The Redemption Act

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"Short film The Golden Shore, directed by Fred Cavender and written by Lloyd Lewis, is a stylish and intelligent piece that explores the role of the individual during political strife, something all too familiar.

The Golden Shore

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"Thrilling dystopian dramas seem to be right in filmmaker Fred Cavender’s wheelhouse. Having delivered the immensely impressive short The Golden Shore, as well as a string of other movies in 2017, this latest titled The Damned, is just as thematically bleak but even more cinematic."

The Damned

In Maxime-Claude L’ Écuyer’s short film Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy, Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy from Hamlet is reimagined within the weird and wacky context of the intergalactic universe of Star Wars. To celebrate both the 40th anniversary of Star Wars original release and the recent 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the short film presents this soliloquy as the inner voice of a Stormtrooper.

Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy

What goes around comes around, and not in the way Justin Timberlake wants us to believe, more in the way of trends, be it from fashion to art, to movie styles....and at the moment film is all about the 80’s. Ergh the 80’s. Bad music. bad hair, bad clothes....good horror films though. I don’t get it, I don’t get why we are in this renaissance of such an ugly period of time, but hey that’s just me, but you would have to live under a rock to not have noticed the surge of 80’s styles films and TV shows out there, from Stranger Things...another thing I don’t get the hype about, to movies like IT, we cannot get away from it.

So here you have another one to add to the ever growing list, Get Rich or Try Dying, an 80’s style sci fi comedy about a scientist who steals pills from the laboratory he works in that help him travel through time.
Rachel Pullen, UK Film Review

Get Rich or Try Dying

Jonah Robinson narrates and plays the central character, an artist struggling to find work. Sitting outside a coffee shop a little boy (Maximilien Kafel) throws something at him which takes him back to a different time and space, and he discovers he has the ability to move objects with his mind. Will this help him find a job or make any headway with Jane (Lily Paige), the girl he likes? Unlikely if he can't learn to control his powers and get a grip on his ever changing reality.


Set largely in a dark car park, Charlie (Lloyd Lewis) is in a van with Jack (Rob Lawrence) and the two of them enjoy some light banter and a hip flask whilst they wait for their boss to finalise their transaction, which concerns the merchandise in the back of the van.

A Man's World


Shrubaboti Bose, UK Film Review

"This short film has a very interesting take on the sociopolitical scenario of today’s world. A military insider has supposedly escaped from the base camp to transmit a secret message to his close friend Jack, warning him about a soon-to-be-imposed dangerous plan of a global culling. He says, “The people have to wake up from their mind-control state” and claims that it is a “Red Alert Situation”. He discusses how the system has placed microchip implants inside every human beings such that nobody can detect their presence or stop the “depopulating” strategy when it finally kicks in. The static noises that can be heard along with the tone of urgency in the voice of the protagonist grabs our attention right from the start."

2025: The Genocide Program

A scientist creates an artificial intelligence robot with the ability to desire and to dream. It's first dream is to see the outside world but to do so he must prove to his creator that he is capable. However, his calamitous behaviour sees his dream of freedom inch further and further away.

Calamity Bot

An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but encounters many obstacles along the way.

Alien Guy Tim

Redisplacement is a futuristic drama about memory and our understanding of the past. Though you've already seen it. Remember?

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