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Free sci-fi movies have crash-landed on the UK Film Channel and we don't care who knows about! Unless you are evil cyborgs - you guys can fly out on the spaceship you flew in on.

Science fiction is arguably one of the most compelling cinematic genres. Why I hear you ask? Because storytelling gets to be far more playful without the need to adhere to believability. Some of the best indie filmmakers we have come across have dabbled, at least in part, in sci-fi films and we have collected some of the best free sci-fi films on the internet here.

And whilst you won't get household names like Kubrick or Nolan, you will get to support indie films by watching and sharing these free movies as much as is humanly, or alienly, possible. Seriously, glue your eyes to the screen and watch them at least 10 times. That's really the only way to consume these science-fiction fancies. And if you don't, we'll come a-knocking with the UK Film Channel Probe (patent pending).

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