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Get Rich or Try Dying

Directed by:

Written by:

Fred Cavender

Fred Cavender, Lloyd Lewis


Daragh O'Malley and Pedro Monteiro

What goes around comes around, and not in the way Justin Timberlake wants us to believe, more in the way of trends, be it from fashion to art, to movie styles....and at the moment film is all about the 80’s. Ergh the 80’s. Bad music. bad hair, bad clothes....good horror films though. I don’t get it, I don’t get why we are in this renaissance of such an ugly period of time, but hey that’s just me, but you would have to live under a rock to not have noticed the surge of 80’s styles films and TV shows out there, from Stranger Things...another thing I don’t get the hype about, to movies like IT, we cannot get away from it.

So here you have another one to add to the ever growing list, Get Rich or Try Dying, an 80’s style sci fi comedy about a scientist who steals pills from the laboratory he works in that help him travel through time.
Rachel Pullen, UK Film Review

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Get Rich or Try Dying


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