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Free Movies

A bunch of free movies to watch on the UK Film Channel from short and indie filmmakers.

Check out the selection of posters below to see which Free Movies UK Film Channel have to offer. You can see the title of the film, as well as the star rating from critics at UK Film Review, if the movie has been reviewed already. Check back regularly to see more free movies and more reviews. 

We also have a selection of pages with curated lists. Under the Free Movies heading in the main navigation, you will be able to see pages such as Free Comedy Films or Free Horror Films. There you will find free movies specific to a genre or medium (such as documentaries). Our team will be updating these pages regularly, providing new curated lists of free movies for our viewers to enjoy. 

It is rare to get anything in this life for free, so we hope you enjoy this collection of fantastic pieces of cinema without any charge. All we ask is that you recommend the channel and any films you see to your friends. The more eyes our filmmakers get on their movies the better. 

If you are a filmmaker and are interested in adding your Free Movies, UK Film Channel can help. Get in touch with us via our Contact page or social media pages - we are fairly responsive. 

Anyway, enough of this guff. Get watching these free movies.

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