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Watch Free War Films

Time to go to war! Not really, but please do enjoy these free war films, courtesy of the filmmakers who donate them to UK Film Channel. 

One of the most cherished cinematic genres, war films can offer incredibly compelling stories with a heightened sense of peril and literal conflict. The free war films you will see here have this and more! Many of these free movies have garnered fantastic reviews, in particular from critics at UK Film Review - so be sure to check out the reviews before/after watching. 

We want these free films to be seen far and wide, so please share them as if the enemy is coming and the only way to hold them back is to get more views on these movies. Take time to share them with friends, family, and indeed enemies. Who knows, maybe an olive brand of free war films will be enough to turn an enemy into a friend! (please note: we don't promise to fix your relationships with free films - only chocolate can do that.)

Chris Olson, UK Film Review
"100 years since the end of the First World War and #warmovies and filmmakers are still telling the seemingly endless amount of stories from those tragic trenches. The techniques of combat and warfare have evolved to be less personal since then, so the intimate violence that was necessary during the conflict is a highly emotive way to engage with the enduring themes of war. Filmmaker Max Mason's #shortfilm Their War is a breathtakingly heartbreaking and intimate piece on the human sacrifice needed

Their War

Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"A brutally moving and psychologically affecting short film, Soldier Bee goes elbow deep into the harrowing suffering of someone with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), exploring the incredibly difficult assimilation that some war veterans face, and the pathological violence that can become entrenched in their being."

Soldier Bee

Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"The romanticism of war is a familiar topic for audiences who have been gifted many stories of love existing within conflicts. Battlefields in distant lands, aside from creating harrowing violence and sorrow, also create that all-consuming romantic device - long distance relationships. In filmmaker Spencer Anderson's short film, Fallen, this long distance gets stretched through time as well as miles, allowing for an absorbing and achingly tender story of love.

Based on the recollections of Gilbert Bradley, a soldier, the title Fallen has a double meaning. On the one hand referring to the tragic demise of all those who fell in WWII and on the other hand falling in love."


HOLDOUT is based off the true story of a Japanese WWII Lieutenant who got left behind on an island in South East Asia after the war. He never got the memo that the war ended so he kept on fighting and only surrendered in the 1970s, nearly 30 years after the war ended. Our film is a gritty, dark dramatization of another soldier who didn't surrender when he encounters an American tourist from the modern world. It is also a character study on how people are neither good nor bad, but sometimes perpetrate evil because it is sometimes so ingrained in their way of life that they can't bear to lose the sense of purpose it gives them.


Short film Sensor sees an aged Vietnam veteran finally decide to face his demons head on. With his life having been forever haunted by traumatic memories of conflict, it seems (as far as he is concerned at least) that these ghosts have now not only manifested themselves as a psychological threat, but also a malevolent physical presence. After resolving to placing motion sensors all around his property, he takes up a position to make his final stand. But unfortunately, making the brave decision to try to exorcise oneself of the past doesn’t always mean that you will succeed.

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