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About Us

UK Film Channel

Originally part of the well-established movie reviews publication, UK Film Review, the need for a UK Film Channel became apparent when readers were constantly asking where they could see all these great indie films and movies their critics were reviewing. Initially, the channel simply embedded the films directly from the YouTube or Vimeo accounts of the filmmakers in order to get more eyes on the films. 

Then, in 2019, UK Film Channel moved to its own home - the website you are seeing now. 

A VOD Platform to Support Indie Film

The world of streaming changed everything for independent cinema, who no longer needed vast amounts of capital and good luck to showcase their films. Video on Demand opened up a facility and demand for copious amounts of movies and TV shows, with more direct links between those creating the films and those pushing them out to the public. 

Where does UK Film Channel fit in? 

As our channel grew out of UK Film Review, we wanted to keep promoting the filmmakers. Not only did we want a platform for filmmakers to showcase their films, we wanted to link them to the reviews. Our websites are primarily used by film fans and filmmakers who have a vested interest in supporting the industry. 

How do I watch indie movies online? 

You simply find the films in our two main sections. For Free Films - you can watch the movies which are embedded on the site automatically, without needing to sign up or make any kind of payment. 

For our Rentals section, you will be taken to the Eyelet platform - in association with UK Film Review - where you can make payment and watch the films. You may also need to create an Eyelet profile to do so. 

How do I add my movie to the UK Film Channel?

If your film is free to watch online, drop us an email through the Contact Us form and we can chat.

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