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World Cinema

World cinema has long been a passion for UK Film Review, who have reviewed movies in a foreign language (or multiple foreign languages) for many years on their movie review site. So when UK Film Channel was set up, it was logical that many of those films would end up here, as well as new ones yet to be reviewed by UKFR.

The films on this page are part of the UK Film Channel's Rental section, which means they are not free movies. Instead, we ask that you pay a small fee in order to rent the film (which will be available to you for a limited period via the Eyelet platform).

Remember to check out the film reviews for World Cinema via UK Film Review. The talented film critics there provide in-depth analysis and critiques of some of the best cinema from around the world. You can also stay up to date with UK Film Review's articles by following them on all the usual social media platforms. 

If you want to stay up to date with UK Fil Channel's World Cinema offerings, remember to add your email at the bottom of the page. This will add you to our newsletter who often get first notice of any new films being added. 

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