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UK Film Channel Horror Movies

Watch Free Horror Films Online

Want to get scared witless but not pay for the privilege? Well the UK Film Channel has got your back Jack. And even if your name isn't Jack, feel free to jump right in.

Better Angels

A room in a house that's a mausoleum. A husband and wife who have forgotten each other. A game they should not play.


Teammates struggle to complete the deadliest race on earth.

Obstacle Corpse

A vengeful father suspects his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty.

The Best of Intentions

When Daniel Fuller returns home to find his wife and child dead he struggles to let them go, storing their bodies in the make-shift kitchen of his derelict house. Bound by the horrifying regret of a despicable act, he spirals into a deep paranoia of self-hate and begins drinking heavily. His eerie, run down home soon becomes the prison of haunting nightmares and violent ideas that sends him over the edge of sanity, controlling his thoughts, and ultimately destroying his soul through a psychological war of survival. What awaits him on the other side is more than anybody would have ever expected.


A possessed football is killing people. Dylan Davis, with the help of a hot goth chick, must avenge his brother's death by the football and kill it before it falls into the mercenary hands of the mysterious hunter.

Sphere of Fear

Verso is less than 4 minutes long, and there is no real premise to the events that occur, making its plot a hard one to judge. The plot doesn’t provide much explanation. Furthermore, there is no dialogue at all, this makes the relationships between the characters and the motivations of individual characters more ambiguous thus, judging the performers is also tough.


As two drug dealers return home to their flat one Halloween night, they settle down for what they hope to be a satisfying evening of scary movies and good weed. But their night in is soon to be turned on its head as a young man hell bent on revenge for the death of his sister will stop at nothing until he finds retribution.

Vengeance Runs Red

"Lance Cooper (Jay Bryhan) awakes with serious wounds in a disused car park. Four mutilated victims are also found with no ready explanation of events. Cooper is questioned by Detective Inspector Hollie Andrews (Terri Dwyer) as the facts slowly unravel in flashback." Brian Penn, UK Film Review

The Apostate - Call of the Revenant

"In a dark, well-furnished underground bunker, nine-year-old Jenn (Caitlin Carmichael) peruses a house-design catalogue – wondering what it’s like on the outside. Her family keep her locked inside to keep her safe from the “monsters”. But Jenn harbours a desire to escape."


"Morris dancing hasn't been this dark and mysterious since...well...ever! In a seriously entertaining short film, filmmaker Luke Jeffery delivers a black comedy literally with bells on, with a story which will make you question your whole reality. Or at least your perception of minority dance troupes...​" Chris Olson, UK Film Review

Hell's Bells

A bizarre but well-realised dive into drug addled psychosis, Fried Barry allegedly follows the journey of an alien possessing a heroin addict on a joy ride through Cape Town. I say allegedly as you wouldn’t have the faintest clue that this was the plot from watching the short.

Fried Barry

"A character transplant from Transylvania in Usher Morgan's stylish short film, Fine Dining which takes the infamous cafe scene from Quentin Tarrantino's classic Pulp Fiction and swaps out the man and woman for a male vampire (Joel Bernard) and female vampire (Elyse Price)." Chris Olson, UK Film Review

Fine Dining

"In the world of film journalism you cannot say the word music mockumentary without the words This Is Spinal Tap in the same sentence. It's a golden rule. And anyone who has seen, and loved, Spinal Tap will immediately see the influence on this short film from filmmaker Fred Cavender titled California Hotdog Champions." Chris Olson, UK Film Review

California Hotdog Champions

A young employee locked in a store after hours becomes convinced someone or something is following her.

After Hours
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