Directed by:

Written by:

Ryan Russell Steele & Joseph Victor

Ryan Russell Steele & Joseph Victor


James Bryhan, Corey Thompson, Ben Thorne & Nisaro Karim

Jasmine Holly Bullock, UK Film Review
"There is a description on Vimeo about the themes that Verso is trying to depict, such as the voyeurism of violence in society and how predetermined perceptions affect our opinions on what we see. I could definitely see themes of distasteful voyeurism in Verso and I appreciate this being a topic that Steele and Victor have considered due to its relevance in society. With the popularity of social media and the easy access of smart phones, we apparently live in a society obsessed with capturing every single moment digitally, whether it is good moments or horrific moments, our moments or the moments of others that we intrude upon. With this in mind, I think Verso is a work that should be appreciated for its serious themes yet playful and artistic way of exploring these themes. I wonder if Verso is a film with the aim of storytelling or a project with the aim of exposing the questionable social practices of modern-day society."

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