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Do you want to sell your film directly to audiences?

Or perhaps you haven't been able to get a distribution deal for your movie.

Or maybe you want to add your film to our Free Movies section.

We want to help.

Filmmakers can sell their films using our UK VOD Platform.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only sell your film via the UK Film Channel if you have the rights to do so and have no conflicting agreements with other distributors and sales agents.


For Everyone

Work with UK Film Channel to make money from as many films as you want. No monthly subscription fee, we simply take 25% from every rental + a transaction fee to pay you your monies.

✔️ You choose how much audiences pay per play (minimum rental fee for any film is 99p)

✔️ You keep 75%


✔️ Utilise our platform to see your film reach new audiences

✔️ NO subscription required

✔️ Monthly payouts of your share (minus transaction charge)

✔️ Non-exclusive, feel free to sell your film elsewhere

✔️ Cancel at any time, 1 month's notice required.

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