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Day Shift

Directed by:

Written by:

Fred Cavender

Fred Cavender and Lloyd Lewis


Mark Chapman, Ingrid Bakewell, Chris Assheton-Blair and Mark Denieffe

Annie Vincent, UK Film Review

"The latest offering from Tuperhero Films has landed and this time it's a comedy. This is slightly less well trodden territory for Fred Cavender, following success with several sci-fi and horror style shorts, including The Damned and Unique, and Day Shift is, sadly, less impressive...

Whilst The Damned and Unique were commended for their generic conventions and the manipulation of those classic ideas, a principle Day Shift is still founded upon, it hasn't worked quite as well in this instance. There is some mild amusement and certainly the cinematography and characterisation is of note, but this film won't illicit much more than a few chuckles and certainly not the belly laughs we might expect. It is an enjoyable watch though. It is light-hearted, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the writing is good enough to move you to irritation if nothing else...

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Day Shift


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