California Hotdog Champions (2017)

21min   |   English 


Director: Fred Cavender

Writers: Fred Cavender and Lloyd Lewis

Starring: Louis Hill, Mark Chapman, Kaitlyn McGill, Bess Davies, Albert Cavender, Lloyd Lewis, Louis Cavender


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"In the world of film journalism you cannot say the word music mockumentary without the words This Is Spinal Tap in the same sentence. It's a golden rule. And anyone who has seen, and loved, Spinal Tap will immediately see the influence on this short film from filmmaker Fred Cavender titled California Hotdog Champions. However, what most viewers will not have seen, is this blend of rockumentary with horror, or horrockumentary...stay with me here...

Fans of the aforementioned Tap will be in their element and so will disciples of a filmmaker like Edgar Wright and his Cornetto Trilogy. The blend of horror and comedy being in complete, ahem, harmony. Whilst there is no “Our amps go to 11” moment, Cavender does string together a number of big guffaws, such as Mark Chapman opening the toilet door to a gruesome scene (twice), or Bess Davies being on utterly top form keeping her effing language clean."

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