Fine Dining

Directed by:

Written by:

Usher Morgan

Andrew Walsh


Joel Bernard and Elyse Price

Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"A character transplant from Transylvania in Usher Morgan's stylish short film, Fine Dining which takes the infamous cafe scene from Quentin Tarrantino's classic Pulp Fiction and swaps out the man and woman for a male vampire (Joel Bernard) and female vampire (Elyse Price). Instead of being forlorn with robbing liquor stores, our fanged male protagonist is fed up with drinking blood from the blood bank which has robbed him of the excitement of a "fresh" hunt. The pair enjoy a biting dialogue about the dilution of life by the accessible nature of modern society, but also hope to exploit that same society's atheistic tendencies for their own gains.

It was awesome to see the mash-up of a classic tale and a classic film work so seamlessly. Where the mixture seemed to work the best was the enduring themes which were present in both worlds that Morgan then translated into Fine Dining. Themes such as being cynical about the world, craving a life fuelled by excitement, and doing more than just existing, emanate from the two vampires having been enriched by their forebears. To then deliver this mash-up in a cacophony of stylistic artistry is simply masterful."

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