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Directed by:

Written by:

Robbie Walsh

Robbie Walsh


Kellie Blaise, Jeff Doyle, Sean Flannagan, Robbie Walsh, Eoin Macken

Rachel Pullen, UK Film Review
"Walsh, fresh from the swimming pool, dripping in gangster coolness, gives us his latest short film Aces, the story of a group of friends who decided to play a not so friendly game of poker, and by not so friendly I mean they are playing with real money, I play with Pogs from the 90’s, which probably are worth more than money nowadays...well maybe.

We see this game almost from the perspective of one of the players, a shadowy figure we never really get a good shot of, he takes his time, absorbing the people around him, listening intently to conversations, learning about his rivals, but he himself, never says a word, and we ourselves are allowed front row seats to the action."

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