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Directed by:

Written by:

Sheikh Shahnawaz

Sheikh Shahnawaz


James Bryhan, Corey Thompson, Ben Thorne & Nisaro Karim

Brian Penn, UK Film Review

"Leon (James Bryhan) is a loan shark in reflective mode. He sits musing while the kid (Corey Thompson) mixes and cuts a huge plate of cocaine.

He relates the story of a stray cat that he once fed in an act of kindness; inevitably it kept returning in expectation of further treats. The fact that no good deed goes unpunished is a life lesson all too quickly learned by Leon, particularly in his line of business. Such lesson enters play when henchman Yuri (Nisaro Karim) produces customer Jimmy (Ben Thorne). Jimmy owes Leon money but wants more time to pay him back. In a fit of generosity Leon agrees Jimmy can pay him back at the end of the month."

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