2 Free Films To Watch Online December 2020

Following the excellent UK Film Review Festival in November 2020, several of the official selections from their online film festival have now been added to the Free Films section and the Rentals section of the UK Film Channel - one of which won the award for Best Short Film.

Free Films

Crazy - directed by Holt Boggs

One of the funniest short films in recent years, writer and director Holt Boggs (who also stars) brings us a high-quality comedy set in a diner where a mob boss and hitman discuss a number of topics, from penis eyes to Conan O'Brien. Crazy has been lauded by critics and audiences across the globe for its exceptional dark comedy and aesthetic prowess, not to mention the fact that the script is sensational. So much so that it won Best Short Film at the UKFRF 2020 Awards.

Crazy - a free film on the UK Film Channel
Crazy - a free film on the UK Film Channel

This is one of the newest free films available on our website and is a must-see for any fans of great comedy, great filmmaking, or Heat. Seriously, this is like a love note to Heat in the best way possible.

Sphere of Fear - directed by John Mitchell