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A New VOD Platform for Indie Filmmakers

A New VOD Platform for Indie Filmmakers

VOD Platform for Indie Filmmakers
VOD Platform for Indie Filmmakers

The world’s gone crazy. A fairly inane comment but the craziness we’re actually referring to is the “crazy” appetite there is for indie films right now. Never before has the world of cinema been so in demand. Video On Demand, or VOD, has become a genuine rival to cinemas, with film distribution companies now choosing to release their latest titles both on the big screens and streaming services.

Video on Demand for Indie Filmmakers

Whilst household names like Netflix, Amazon Prime, NOW TV and iTunes have crossed the divide from big-budget movies to indie movies, the chances of indie filmmakers getting an online distribution deal is still fairly rare. Getting more eyes on their films among the big hitters such as Marvel superhero films (looking to move to the new Disney VOD platform soon), star-studded thrillers, and family animation is still really difficult. And because these VOD platforms operate a subscription-based service, the pay for plays can be pretty pitifall.

Enter the UK Film Channel

An off-shoot of UK Film Review, we have been a VOD Platform for Indie Filmmakers since 2018 and now offer indie filmmakers a simpler way to get eyes on their movies and set their own price.

The way it works is filmmakers provide us with their movie’s assets (film, trailer, poster etc) and then set the price they would like to rent their indie movie. That could be anything from £1.99 - £9.99 (very few people will pay more than that to rent a movie). UK Film Channel take £1 from each transaction + a transaction fee to send the filmmaker their money, and the rest goes directly to them.

That’s it.

No monthly subscription to us (for the filmmaker or the view), just a simple pay as you play system that basically gives an online distribution deal to ANYONE.

Online Distribution Deals

Much like our sister site’s movie reviews, we accept movies from every type of filmmaker. Whether it's your first short film or your fifteenth feature. All we care about is that the film is appropriate (sorry, no “adult” movies), well-made, and that you are passionate about promoting it on our site - after all, that’s how you’ll get more renters.

Find out more about our VOD Platform for Indie Filmmakers.


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