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Free Documentaries on the UK Film Channel

Where to watch Free Documentaries

Free Documentaries
Free Documentaries

On the UK Film Channel, we have a great selection of Free Movies from UK and international filmmakers. Amongst these are a collection of free documentaries to watch online - with absolutely no catch. There is no sign-up required, no payment, and no annoying fear that what you are doing is illegal.

These free documentaries are already readily available on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. We have simply worked with the filmmakers directly, and got their permission to embed them on the site. The filmmakers get the views, you get free movies to watch and we get to serve everyone - because we are nice like that.

We have also incorporated movie reviews from our sister site - UK Film Review - so you can see what their film critics have to say about these free documentaries.

How to watch Free Documentaries

Take a look at the movie posters on the Free Documentaries page and click the one that takes your fancy. Once you are on the individual page for the film itself, there will be a video embed which you can click and play, whether on a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Alternatively, go to the Free Movies section of Find a Movie page, where you can peruse a bigger selection of free movies to watch online on the UK Film Channel.

Sharing Free Documentaries

Often people are scared to share free movies online, for fear of the digital forces swooping in and destroying your laptop with their laser guns. No need to fear here, these documentary films are totally legit. We have permission to use them and in fact the filmmakers would absolutely love more eyes on their movies - so go ahead, share yourself bloody silly.

In order to share the films, we would ask that you copy the UK Film Channel’s page link and post that to popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This will help direct more people to our unique VOD platform for indie films. Don’t keep it a secret - we understand why you might want to - because the more people who find out about us and all the free movies we have on offer, the more other filmmakers will want to add their films too! Imagine that, we could have like, a million free movies. What a glorious utopia that would be...Anyway, we are probably drifting and you want to get watching the best free documentaries online.

Off you go.

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