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Free Films to Watch in January 2021

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to watch free films online here at UK Film Channel. Not only do we offer a terrific selection of free movies, but we also require no sign up whatsoever! That’s right, you don’t need money or even a password to watch our terrific free films - just an appetite for independent cinema.

We have had some incredible new additions to the Free Movies section recently, so let’s share a few to get you watching asap.

Betrayed - directed by Matthew Sawyer

Starring Wayne Edge, Jack McGarry, Ian Ray-White, Robin Lyons, and Emily Rose Holt, this short film garnered a 3-star film review from UK Film Review and was added to the UK Film Channel in December. Wayne Edge plays Shane, a man accused of rape who gets kidnapped. Want to know how you can find out if Shane is guilty? Watch the film - in full, for free - on the UK Film Channel.

Boris in the Forest - directed by Robert Hackett

This four-star short film is available courtesy of the director and Alter - who host it via YouTube. By watching it on the UK Film Channel, the filmmakers keep the views, so you are supporting the indie filmmaking community. Why not go one better and share it so others can enjoy? The film itself is a black comedy about a super fan searching for his hero - Boris Karloff. Check it out now as one of our free films to watch online.

Lifeline - directed by L. Marcus Williams

Written and directed by L. Marcus Williams, Lifeline is a sublime five-star film which you can enjoy in full, for free via the UK Film Channel. A hard-hitting short about a suicide helpline, starring Katie Leslie and Dan Parilis, this is a must-see for indie film fans. Visit the film’s page on the UK Film Channel, where you will also see a link to critic Jack Bottomley’s film review of the movie.

We will be back soon with more free films to announce as we get closer to our target of 100 free films to watch online! Check back soon and be sure to follow UK Film Channel in all the usual places.

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