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Free Movies for November

Thank goodness, the dastardly awkwardness of Halloween is behind us and we can start focusing on what really matters - Christmas movies! But before we get our jingle bells jangling we have November to contend with, sometimes a rather forgettable month in the cinematic calendar. Never fear though, UK Film Channel with all our might, have conjured a bunch of free films for you to watch whilst you ponder whether you will end up on the Naughty or Nice list this year.

A Day in the Life of A Pint

Filmmaker Robbie Walsh gives a short but sweet picture of a pint with life happening all around it. One of those movie premises which really shouldn’t work but totally does, we witness a pub’s patron sip at a pint watching the world go by - and by god does it go by!


Rated 5-stars by UK Film Review’s chief movie critic Chris Olson, Abyss is a condensed superhero movie with a lot more drama than quips compared to a Marvel outing. If non-linear storytelling and some cool special effects are your thing then put on your cape and add this to the list of free movies to watch in November 2019 on the UK Film Channel.


There are several free movies from filmmaker Fred Cavender on the UK Film Channel and 6:16 is up there with the best of them. Set during a job interview, the plot is full of mystery when a clock is left for the interviewees with the titular amount of time on. Will they figure out what they are supposed to do before the time runs out? Have a watch for free and find out!

The Visit

Directed by Shane Andries, this comedy drama plays with racial tensions with spectacular results. The short film is one of the free movies available to watch in November (and beyond) on the UK Film Channel and stars Vishwas, Amr El-Bayoumi, David Harris, Ed Cooney, Ari Barkan, & Anthony O'Connell.

Round Trip

Ren Thackham may very well be the funniest Australian director right now and this funny short film will show you why. Set in the outback, bizarre happenings befall a cop and prisoner on their way to jail. It must be seen to be believed but Round Trip is a wonderfully humorous free movie to watch!

So there you have it. 5 Free Movies to watch in November on the UK Film Channel all courtesy of the generous indie filmmakers who give us their movies. Please do them a solid and share the hell out of their films. It means the world to them and just may see you get on the Nice list - for once in your life!

Click the link to start watching any of these movies right away!

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