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Free Movies in May 2020

It’s been a while since we spoke. How have you been? All good? No global pandemics to speak of? Okay great… Well, we have been busy! Not only have we massively increased our selection of indie film rentals - there are some absolute corkers in our Rent section - we have also expanded our free movies pages.

In this feature, we will highlight some of the newest arrivals to our Free Films page. Baxu and the Giants on the UK Film Channel

Directed by Florian Schott and one of the official selections of the Beeston Film Festival, Baxu and the Giants’ storyline is about Rhino Poaching but seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl. The film and it’s movie trailer are available to watch now, in stunning HD, completely free. The Critic by filmmaker Stella Velon This film was the very first movie we added to the UK Film Channel last year! The UK Film Review Award-Winning short film was originally just £1.99 per rental...and a free movie! Starring Stella Velon (who also wrote and directed the piece), it tells the tale of an actress facing her harshest critic in a deeply engaging dramatic atmosphere. Head over to our Free Movies page and find this incredible short film to watch now. Eden and S.P.L.I.T from filmmaker Robbie Walsh One of our favourite filmmakers, Robbie Walsh donated two of his movies to our Free Movies section in order to help the world get through isolation a little easier. Eden, which explores homelessness, and S.P.L.I.T, a hilarious mockumentary, are wonderful 4-star indie films that are both feature length! That’s right, if you have hours in your calendar to fill, and we know you do, these two free films will keep you more than entertained! Asra on the UK Film Channel Another official selection from the Beeston Film Festival, this wonderful short film (written and directed by Caio Cortonesi) is a true hidden gem. Full of mystery, intrigue, and a foreboding atmosphere, it is a truly special piece of filmmaking and one of our favourite newest free movies. Asra stars Humberto Pedrancini, Débora Aquino, and Caio Cortonesi. The Game of the Clock And last but not least, The Game of the Clock - a tense short thriller from director Michele Olivieri (who co-writes here with Ian Reid). Film critic Chris Olson from UK Film Review gave The Game of the Clock a very respectable 3 stars back in October 2019, and we are thrilled to bits that we can present this to our wonderful uses within the Free Films section.

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