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Free Movies: Two Free War Films to Watch Online

Free Movies War Films on the UK Film Channel

Cinematically robust and thematically harrowing, war movies often provide audiences with some of the most compelling stories ever seen on screen. Tales of heroism, escape, and the triumph of good over evil are rooted in the endless clashes between nations and/or peoples which have existed since humans thought to turn rocks and sticks into weapons. Filmmakers can often immortalise the incredible bravery of the soldiers and combatants of these wars through their movies, with spectacular results. From vintage classics such as Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon, to newer offerings such as Zero Dark Thirty, Hacksaw Ridge, and Dunkirk, it seems viewers are craving these stories. Short films and their filmmakers are also producing incredible pieces and on the UK Film Channel we are luck enough to have two new free movies to offer our audience.


When reviewed by UK Film Review's film critic Chris Olson, he gave this a glowing five stars and said the war movie was:

"...a breathtakingly heartbreaking and intimate piece on the human sacrifice needed and how this can never be justified."

Written and directed by Max Mason, Their War is fairly unique in its approach, telling the same story but from both sides. We see a soldier from each army as they prepare for battle, leaving loved ones and entering the battlefield equally terrified about what's to come. It is as brilliantly filmed as it is tragic and audiences are likely to be moved by the swelling atmosphere.


This short film, written and directed by Spencer Anderson, garnered a four star rating from UK Film Review and is an incredible cinematic achievement. Again, it is fairly unique in terms of war movies, as it tells a double-edged story. The title is a reference to not just to soldiers who have tragically died in combat but also those who have fallen in love and how this is tested beyond measure by war.

The short film is based on the writings of Gilbert Bradley who was himself a soldier. By lending the short a sense of history and authenticity, viewers can allow themselves to be swept up by the non-linear structure of the narrative. It is a compelling watch and one of our favourite free movies to watch on the UK Film Channel.

More Free Movies Coming Soon

In December we have a very special release for fans of our site. More details coming very soon but let's say we have more free movies to watch online coming faster than a speeding bullet. Well, maybe not that fast. It takes a while to upload them all.

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