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Free Online Films With No Sign Up

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Watching Free Films With No Sign Up

Here at UK Film Channel, we pride ourselves on providing a large catalogue of free films to watch online - movies from filmmakers all around the world. We have a terrific catalogue of short films and indie features, many of which are award-winning at esteemed film festivals globally.

Another unique selling point for UK Film Channel is that we offer free online movies with no sign up!

That's right, we don't even request that you become a member in order to enjoy the variety of free films on offer. That's because our goal isn't to take all your details and sell them to the highest bidder (like some other free movie websites). No, we just want the films on our channel to be viewed as many times as possible - because the filmmakers donate them in order to get more eyes on their work.

free films with no sign up
free films with no sign up

How to watch Free Movies With No Sign Up

This bit is simple, simply go to the Free Movies section - which you can locate in the main navigation of our website - find a film you want to watch and click the movie poster. You will be taken to the film's page, where you can see a little more information about the title, such as who directed it, wrote it, starred in it etc. You can also watch a trailer for that film if one has been made available.

Lower down the page, you will see the free film embedded against an audience backdrop - this is because we wanted to recreate the cinematic experience and make these free movies with no sign up even better! How much better can they get?

We recommend watching our catalogue of films on the biggest screen possible, which is why the vast majority of them are on platforms which are compatible with Google Chromecast (such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo). If you are able to cast the films to a bigger screen, do it! You will literally be living the dream by then and there's not much more we can do than offer to pay for your electricity - which we aren't going to do anytime soon.

Whilst we don't ask anyone to sign up to watch free films on our website, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of any page. This is for us only and we may email you about some of the newest free films or rentals being added to the UK Film Channel - but that's about it.

Remember to follow us online @UKFilmChannel (or click the links at the bottom of the page) as that's where we announce the newest additions too.

Recent additions include films such as the UK Film Review Festival Official Selection - A Poet's Seat - which is a new free short film to watch online from the comfort of your own home. You can watch on your computer, your phone, or (as mentioned) cast it to a bigger smart TV! We also added a spectacular free documentary called All Its Name Implies - a film about a terrible forest fire which took place in a town called Paradise in the U.S. Another official selection of the 2020 UKFRF, you can check out the full feature-length free film in our free movies section right now.

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