Monsoon Clips - 7 Day Rental

Monsoon Clips - 7 Day Rental


12min   |  Language: Hindi (with English Subtitles)

Director: Diganta Dey

Written by: Diganta Dey


Logline - Last conversation between two dying souls ,Squadron Leader Mohammad Hussain of Indian Air Force & his wife Ila about their loneliness & passion of love.


Synopsis - This is a conversation between two dying soul where Squadron Leader Mohhamad Hussain,an Indian Air Force pilot & his wife Ila.Md. Hussain was seriously injured in a routine flight of MIG 21 jet and a consequence is Coma.After 3 days fight between Life & Death Hussain passed away. Hussain was a poet who left his last Shiyari (Poem) to Ila that the society, nation, believe, love, religion all are changing day by day to decay. Hussain & Ila from different religion,so Hussain wants to meet her in heaven where they can live however they want without such parameters.

Director Statement - Till now Indian Air Force has lost 110 pilots. Once upon a time, MIG fighter jets were their best on time when they were included in IAF in 1963. But nowadays they are too old to take off properly but till now IAF is using same craft to train pilots as well as in combat which are already outdated.MIG planes are generally known in the word 'Flying Coffin'..This film is a tribute to all those pilots who had lost their lives for our nation, India.


Director’s Biography -  Diganta Dey was born in 9th May 1994 in a small village at Coochbehar district of West Bengal state in India.At the age of 12 he started story writing when he was in high school.After that in 2012 he came to Kolkata city for pursuing higher studies.From that time he started filmmaking without any conventional training about filmmaking.Till now got 17 Awards & 50 up film festival nominations worldwide for his experimentation with making & story telling.He is the founder of independent film production company ‘Teammate Workers’.He was also selected for 'Platform Busan' fellowship of Busan International Film Festival 2019 & selected in the judging panel of Hollywood weekly Film Festival 2020 (California,USA).Recently passed Film Appreciation Programme from Film & Television Institute of India (FTII). He is a film critic & regularly contributing in a regional magazine 'Dhusorbela' & also wrote essays in FIPRESCI INDIA journal.


Your purchase includes a PDF ticket with all the info needed to give you 7 day access to the movie. By proceeding you agree to not share or distribute any details from your purchase with anyone else. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action.

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