Role of a Lifetime - 7 Day Rental

Role of a Lifetime - 7 Day Rental


13min   |  Language: English (English Subtitles Available)

Director: Ashlei Hardenburg

Writer: Kelly Feustel

Starring: Rain Dove "Liz", Larena Danielle "Jade O'Shea", Elysse Winn "Amber O'Shea"


Amber and her lover Liz (Rain Dove) are moving slow after a romantic evening celebrating their anniversary along with Amber's recent Oscar Nomination. Liz wakes up to receive a package from a strange and invasive postal worker, Jade, who secretly enters the apartment. Desperate to save their Brunch plans, Liz leaves for groceries and Amber is relieved to see the unopened package with an engagement ring. Unnoticed, Jade makes herself at home and soon confronts Amber, trapping her in a series of lethal accusations and riddles before being interrupted by Amber's persistent manager, Richard. Eventually, Amber realizes that while she may not be able to save herself, she may be able to do something to keep Liz alive.


Your purchase includes a PDF ticket with all the info needed to give you 7 day access to the movie. By proceeding you agree to not share or distribute any details from your purchase with anyone else. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action.

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