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  • Free Movies UK | UK Film Channel

    View Free Movies A bunch of free movies to watch on the UK Film Channel from short and indie filmmakers. ​ Check out the selection of posters below to see which Free Movies UK Film Channel have to offer. You can see the title of the film, as well as the star rating from critics at UK Film Review, if the movie has been reviewed already. Check back regularly to see more free movies and more reviews. ​ We also have a selection of pages with curated lists. Under the Free Movies heading in the main navigation, you will be able to see pages such as Free Comedy Films or Free Horror Films. There you will find free movies specific to a genre or medium (such as documentaries). Our team will be updating these pages regularly, providing new curated lists of free movies for our viewers to enjoy. ​ It is rare to get anything in this life for free, so we hope you enjoy this collection of fantastic pieces of cinema without any charge. All we ask is that you recommend the channel and any films you see to your friends. The more eyes our filmmakers get on their movies the better. ​ If you are a filmmaker and are interested in adding your Free Movies, UK Film Channel can help. Get in touch with us via our Contact page or social media pages - we are fairly responsive. ​ Anyway, enough of this guff. Get watching these free movies. Back to ALL Movies FREE Horror Films FREE Comedy Films FREE Documentaries Sponsored Out of gallery Sponsored Quick View POP the Hangover ALAN BABY CARLOS Vinyl Action Figure Price £26.00 BUY NOW Quick View DC Justice League Keychain Cyborg Action Figure Collection Toys Funko Price £6.00 BUY NOW Quick View DC Justice League Keychain Harley Quinn Action Figure Collection Toys Funko Price £6.00 BUY NOW Quick View Funko Pop Marvel Avengers: Endgame THANOS Price £8.00 BUY NOW Quick View Funko Pop Marvel Avengers Endgame Tony Stark Iron Man Price £22.00 BUY NOW Quick View Funko Pop Limited Edition JOHN WICK Price £20.00 BUY NOW Quick View Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Racoon Graphic T-Shirt Price £14.00 BUY NOW Quick View MARVEL T-Shirt Men's T-Shirt Marvel Captain America Large Price £14.00 BUY NOW The White Book Herringbone Future Cop Future Cop 2 Like and Follow The Mole Souls The Man with His Fingers in His Ears Godspeed Overcast 2024 One Day Shoot The Best of Intentions This is Depression Faro Iso-Pocalyptis Lifeline Fishing One Last Look Boris in the Forest Triggermen Betrayed A Poet's Seat All Its Name Implies 2nd Opinions Sphere of Fear Crazy Yemen - The Silent War Wilderness Quest Verso Vengeance Runs Red Trick Their War The Voice Within The Visit The Tape The Redemption Act The Jigsaw The Golden Shore The Damned The Casting of an Innocent Woman The Apostate - Call of the Revenant The 38 to Hackney Supot Sunday Worship Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy Somewhere in France Something Crunchy Soldier Bee Round Trip Load More Out of gallery

  • UK Film Channel | Free Movies

    A VOD PLATFORM TO #SUPPORTINDIEFILM About UK Film Channel UK Film Channel was born out of a need from filmmakers and fans of UK Film Review, who needed a place to watch the best in indie cinema. ​ Short films and indie movies have always found a strong welcome at UK Film Review. We have reviewed them for years and do our best to promote the extraordinary talent behind them. This led us to start offering a place whereby the people reading the reviews could also watch the movies. ​ It is a simple relationship, one avoiding the complex structure set up by the film industry. We work directly with filmmakers to help them get more eyes on their films and make a little money to fund their next project. ​ In our dedicated Rent section you will find some of the latest indie movies to rent on our VOD platform. Simply choose the film you want to watch, make your payment, and you will be provided with an E-TICKET with details of how to watch. Out of gallery 70+ Free Movies to Watch Watching Free Films A lot of the films you will see on the UK Film Channel are FREE! That's right, completely free of charge - we don't even ask that you sign up to our website so we can send you copious amounts of newsletters or sell your details to comparison websites. ​ What would be great...though...would be if you could spread the word. The filmmakers who have added their movies to the Free Films section do so wanting to get more eyes on their craft. The least we can all do is share it like a fun-size bag of chocolate buttons.

  • Find a Movie to Watch | UK Film Channel

    UK Film Channel Find a Film Find a Movie to Watch Online Looking for something specific in the UK Film Channel catalogue? Well use the option below browse or search to find a film to watch online. You can also search for a specific director or actor.

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  • 4 Steps To Get Your Independent Movie In Production

    4 Steps To Get Your Independent Movie In Production The times they certainly have a changed! We now wear masks almost wherever we go and the term ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ has truly come home to roost! You’re frowned upon if you haven’t sanitized your hands. In fact, you don’t have a choice. Change is like a ripple in a pond and in the end, everything is affected. This very notion also applies to technology and in turn, film-making. The film-making industry has always relied upon advances in technology and it’s allowed for all kinds of innovations. There’s another old phrase that says ‘too much of a good thing ain’t good’, and when it comes to the marriage of film and technology, this seems to have become the case. Film-making’s two major camps - independent and the Hollywood blockbuster - have now become even more estranged. In other words, these two camps of film are at complete and utter opposite ends of the spectrum. Veterans and industry insiders will tell any aspiring film-maker that these days there are only two types of films – those that get made for over $100 million and those that get made for under $1 million. This should spell good news to any aspiring independent film maker. After all the bar is now lower than ever. Yes, thanks to the various innovations brought about by new technologies, the bar is lower, but this also means that a lot more people have entry into what was once deemed a rather exclusive club. The more members a club has, the harder it is to have one’s voice heard. This analogy perfectly sums up the current state of movie making and more specifically, independent movie making. So, with all this in mind, how do you as an aspiring film-maker navigate these uncertain waters? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss. So, without further ado, let us examine 4 steps to get your independent movie in production. Know yourself & you’ll know your movie Film-making, while ultimately a collaborative effort, is also a very personal one. Before you even put pen to paper for that script, you need to know what you’re about. You need to have a clear and defined vision of what you’d like to articulate on those reels. A clear and defined path entails a number of things. For one, it means understanding yourself – knowing what you’re about and what ideological notions you subscribe to. What your care for will ultimately guide your decisions. And remember, just as your personality has various aspects, so too will it be that each film you make will be different. Film-making might not be an exact science, but it’s practical in almost every sense of the word. As an aspiring film maker, you need to have a good imagination, but you also need to be realistic. In other words, before you even think about boozing and schmoozing with would-be financial backers, you should have a pretty good idea of how much your vision will cost, and remember, it cannot exceed the million dollar mark. Raising capital Raising the right amount of capital to fund your pet project once again comes back to what you envision. Are you planning on turning a profit or churning out a work of art? These are important questions to consider as it will dictate how you go about acquiring your capital. Put another way, are you planning on making something with or without commercial value? Let us briefly step back to what was stated earlier about film-making not being an exact science – you may be planning on doing something non-commercial, but through various mediums of communication, you may end up with both a work of art and a commercial success. Think Copolla’s The Godfather or Nolan’s Interstellar. What kind of financing is available? To be successful at most things in life requires consistency. In other words, you need to chip away constantly, never losing sight of the end. Crowdfunding, as the word suggests, is funding gathered from various sources. IMDB has compiled a list of movies that are crowdfunded for your perusal. Today’s net-based world has made the act of crowdfunding incredibly executable and thanks to its potentially broad spectrum of investors, allows for you to chip away at the required budget until your needs are met. These days the most common crowdfunding methods entail setting up a web page on which you pitch your concept, explain the potential rewards and then proceed to plug into the various social media platforms. Essentially this is the marriage of digital and word of mouth. Whether it’s for art or for profit, these two concepts are not exclusive and cross pollination is always a possibility. For these very reasons, it’s important to know that there are a number of ways to go about raising the finances to fund your film-making endeavours. There are spread betting options available for the UK market which is a great trading platform that can allow for some really quick gains if you play your cards right. Alternatively you could pitch your great and fully formed idea to a donor or investor. Just know that these types, whether individuals or bankers, will want a piece of the pie or something in return. Remuneration might be an actual slice of the profits (investor) or something that’s tax deductible(donor). And there you have it aspiring film-maker. Now, go out there and make that tangible dream into a reality.

  • How Remakes Are Becoming the New Originals

    There's always a sense of comfort in familiar things, a fondness for looking back on the past. That's never been more accurate than when reminiscing about favourite shows or movies. This yearning for classics of yesteryear has been noticed by film studios which have led to a recent surge in movies and TV shows being remade. Viewers now have the chance to experience golden-oldies again, but with a fresh new finish. Daring to reimagine a hit show can be a risky move as fans will be quick to criticise if it doesn't live up to expectations. However, many remakes have been a roaring success, replacing the originals in the minds of many. Here’s a peek at just a few which have succeeded. Disney Live Remakes Feature-length Disney cartoon films may be years old, but they remain firm favourites to many adults. You'd need a heart made of stone not to feel moved by the sight of cartoon Belle shedding tears as she bends over the dying Beast. However, Disney has managed the impossible and improved on some of their classic cartoons by creating live-action movies. Beauty and the Beast and Jungle Book have had live versions made, while Lion King received a photorealistic computer-animated remake in 2019. Wheel of Fortune and Supermarket Sweep It's not just the films that are enjoying a resurgence; many classic game shows are being reinvented for a modern audience. The original Wheel of Fortune ran from 1988 to 1996, presented by Nicky Campbell. It was later brought back by John Leslie, Bradley Walsh and Paul Hendy, proving that its format continues to be popular, even decades later. This popularity has spilled over into other markets too, with the Wheel of Fortune Megaways slot a big hit with players. Branded slots are always in demand, and the fun of the Wheel of Fortune theme coupled with the lucrative Megaways mechanism has proven to be irresistible. Supermarket Sweep has enjoyed similar fortunes, another daytime favourite that has been reinvented. Presented by the late Dale Winton for many years, in 2020, Rylan took over the role in a much-praised reboot. In fact, Rylan has been such a hit in the hot seat, and it almost seems as if he's been the presenter forever (no disrespect intended to Dale!). The Justice League It's fair to say that The Justice League isn't a classic film from long ago, but the controversy surrounding the different versions makes it a worthy contender for this list. The film took a decade to complete. After initially being planned in 2007, it wasn't released in theatres until 2017. However, that only tells a fraction of the story. Zack Snyder was the original director, and after creative disagreements with Warner Bros, he stepped down post-production, primarily due to his daughter's death. Joss Whedon took over and made substantial changes to the film, requiring two months of reshoots. When Justice League was released, it was very different to the film that Snyder had originally promised fans. Four years later, Justice League has been re-released: the Wes Snyder cut. Over four hours in length, it’s very different to Joss Whedon’s version. Dark, brooding and with emphasis on continuity and character-building, it’s the film that fans were clamouring to see. While Whedon’s version is the original, many of the actors who appeared in both movies say that they consider Snyder’s version as the canonical one in the mythical universe.

  • Free Films to Watch in January 2021

    It’s a new year and a new opportunity to watch free films online here at UK Film Channel. Not only do we offer a terrific selection of free movies, but we also require no sign up whatsoever! That’s right, you don’t need money or even a password to watch our terrific free films - just an appetite for independent cinema. We have had some incredible new additions to the Free Movies section recently, so let’s share a few to get you watching asap. Betrayed - directed by Matthew Sawyer Starring Wayne Edge, Jack McGarry, Ian Ray-White, Robin Lyons, and Emily Rose Holt, this short film garnered a 3-star film review from UK Film Review and was added to the UK Film Channel in December. Wayne Edge plays Shane, a man accused of rape who gets kidnapped. Want to know how you can find out if Shane is guilty? Watch the film - in full, for free - on the UK Film Channel. Boris in the Forest - directed by Robert Hackett This four-star short film is available courtesy of the director and Alter - who host it via YouTube. By watching it on the UK Film Channel, the filmmakers keep the views, so you are supporting the indie filmmaking community. Why not go one better and share it so others can enjoy? The film itself is a black comedy about a super fan searching for his hero - Boris Karloff. Check it out now as one of our free films to watch online. Lifeline - directed by L. Marcus Williams Written and directed by L. Marcus Williams, Lifeline is a sublime five-star film which you can enjoy in full, for free via the UK Film Channel. A hard-hitting short about a suicide helpline, starring Katie Leslie and Dan Parilis, this is a must-see for indie film fans. Visit the film’s page on the UK Film Channel, where you will also see a link to critic Jack Bottomley’s film review of the movie. We will be back soon with more free films to announce as we get closer to our target of 100 free films to watch online! Check back soon and be sure to follow UK Film Channel in all the usual places.

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