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  • Watch Free Films Online | UK Film Channel

    Watch Free Films With so many great films being released every year, it can be tough to keep up with the latest and greatest. If you're looking for a way to watch free films online legally, look no further! In this article, we will discuss some of the best options available to you. Whether you're into independent films or Hollywood blockbusters, there's something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to start watching free movies online! One of the best ways to watch free films online legally is by using streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu. These services offer a wide selection of movies and TV shows, including many recent releases. What's more, they often update their catalogues on a regular basis, so you're sure to find something new to watch every time you log in. Another great way to watch free films online legally is by using YouTube. Although it's best known for its collection of user-generated videos, YouTube also has a wealth of movies available for streaming, including many recent releases. Just be sure to check the copyright status before you start watching, as some of the content may not be legal to view in your region. If you're looking for a more comprehensive collection of free films online, then head to the Internet Archive. This website contains an ever-growing library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries that can be streamed for free. The only downside is that there's no guarantee of finding what you're looking for – but with so many titles available, it's always worth a try! If you're looking for something truly unique and obscure to watch, then head over to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). This site lists thousands of films that have been released on DVD or Blu-ray disc over the years. You can search by genre, year of production, or cast and crew members – and best of all, most of the films are available to watch for free! So what are you waiting for? Start watching free movies online today! And be sure to let us know your favourite streaming services in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Watch Free Films Online At Amazon Prime Netflix has always been the go-to streaming service for movies and tv shows. However, with Amazon Prime now offering a free 30 day trial of its video streaming service, it might be worth checking out what Amazon Prime has to offer. ​ Viewers and film fans have been pleasantly surprised by the selection of films that were available to watch for free on Amazon Prime. Classics such as The African Queen, North by Northwest and The Sting are available to watch, as well as more recent films like Dallas Buyers Club and Her. ​ In addition to movies, Amazon Prime also offers a wide selection of tv shows to watch for free. With popular shows such as Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Ad Astra WATCH NOW Chaos Walking WATCH NOW Fast Five WATCH NOW John Wick 2 WATCH NOW Justice League WATCH NOW Spiral: From the Book of Saw WATCH NOW Borat Subsequent Moviefilm WATCH NOW Dirty Grandpa WATCH NOW Hustlers WATCH NOW John Wick 4 WATCH NOW Rise of the Footsoldier WATCH NOW The Amazing Spider-Man WATCH NOW


    UKFRF 2021 Book your place for any of the films at this year's event. ​ Pleae note: the films will be available from November 13th 2021 at 11.00 am through to November 14th at 11.59 pm. ​ Admission to each film is £2 (and the filmmaker will receive 50% for each ticket to their film sold #SupportIndieFilm) or a Festival Pass will give you access to EVERY film. Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

  • Free Films | UK Film Channel

    Free Films Welcome to a selection of free films to watch online on the UK Film Channel. Triangle ​ More Better Angels ​ More Skinjacker A woman alone in a dystopian future seeks companionship and comfort from an artificial companion. But is all as it seems? More Devotion A room in a house that's a mausoleum. A husband and wife who have forgotten each other. A game they should not play. More The Separation ​ More Mark #2 (Extended) Mark, the world’s first clone, is gathering technology so he can gather DNA samples and clone those wiped out in a biological attack, but the government is on his trail and want his technology – he must never let that happen. This version is the EXTENDED cut. More Mark #2 Mark, the world’s first clone, is gathering technology so he can gather DNA samples and clone those wiped out in a biological attack, but the government is on his trail and want his technology – he must never let that happen. More How To Love You An Asian mother accidentally discovers her daughter's sexuality and she struggles to accept her for who she is. More Obstacle Corpse Teammates struggle to complete the deadliest race on earth. More EROTIC - Chapter 1 : Desire & Sensuality Angèle and Adam form a young ideal couple. A few years pass. One evening, they meet again. Strangers to each other, can their love come back to life? More Istanbul The short movie introduces a wonderful journey starting from Denizli Çardak Airport. Discover the hidden beauty behind the historical city, Istanbul. More Unmasked "Everyone wants the truth, few can deal with its Reality." More The Case One day they bring you a case. Why exactly for you? Why is it so heavy? How to get rid of it? More Pregnancy Test Emma is approaching the age where she wants to start a family. She must decide if high school sweetheart Lucas is the right person to do that with. More The White Book ​ More Herringbone Mina, a young woman, seemingly trafficked, discovers the shocking truth as she is enslaved along with several other women in a compound facility where they are subjugated to torture and abuse. In her struggle to survive her dire circumstances Mina forms a special bond and friendship with Rhonda, a demented woman in the neighboring cell who, even while knowing their awaited fate, shields and supports Mina throughout her ordeal. Mina faces her darkest hour when Rhonda and her newborn child are both violently taken from her- revealing humanity's indifference to this unspeakable cruelty. Will Mina's pleas be enough to finally make us stop these heinous acts? More Future Cop In the crime-filled streets of Future City, a lone cop faces off against the tyrannical criminal mastermind known only as The Boss. More Future Cop 2 Future Cop, a legendary super cop from the past, fights to save the future from the unrelenting forces of evil. More Like and Follow When a kid starts spending time in the real world, it's up to his smartphone to bring his attention back to where it belongs. More The Mole Young corporate executive Angie deals with a disfiguring condition as she climbs her way up the career ladder. More Souls When Barrie goes to scatter his husband's ashes at their favourite mountain peak, he is confronted with the sight of a man about to jump to his death from the cliff edge. More The Man with His Fingers in His Ears A short film in which a journalist and her camera operator investigate a story about a man who has put his fingers in his ears and won't take them out. More Godspeed Her son is on the other side of the country. So is his girlfriend. You can be supportive from 2000 miles away for only so long, and this mother has hit her breaking point. Now Mom is finally on the road and there's no telling what she can convince herself to do to get this person away from her son. More Overcast Connor Falk plays Eric, a young teenager whose life is thrown into chaos when his mother (Daniela Nyffenegger) disappears under mysterious circumstances. Eric’s father (Lane Wray) insists his mother has abandoned them and run away into a new life without them, but something irks our young protagonist, who starts to question and challenge his father, and indeed his own memories of his mother. More 2024 Ethan Cole, a hardened war veteran, returns to London after 10 years extended service to find his wife missing and everybody he once knew, untraceable. More One Day Shoot Bradley Tyler was flying through life and loving it. That is, until his past catches up with him and things take a turn for the worst! More The Best of Intentions A vengeful father suspects his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty. More This is Depression An award-winning, heart-breaking, tiny animation about grief, loss, loneliness, and how it really feels to hit rock bottom. More Faro Danny Benson is up on a murder charge but Agent Villinski wants more than just a confession from him. He presses Danny for more information on his connections to mob boss, Mr Gracey but seems to hold back and misdirect the FBI agent, pushing his buttons and sending him over the edge with frustration. More Iso-Pocalyptis When Daniel Fuller returns home to find his wife and child dead he struggles to let them go, storing their bodies in the make-shift kitchen of his derelict house. Bound by the horrifying regret of a despicable act, he spirals into a deep paranoia of self-hate and begins drinking heavily. His eerie, run down home soon becomes the prison of haunting nightmares and violent ideas that sends him over the edge of sanity, controlling his thoughts, and ultimately destroying his soul through a psychological war of survival. What awaits him on the other side is more than anybody would have ever expected. More Lifeline She is a woman in despair who calls a suicide hotline -- not for help, but to say goodbye. He is the operator who takes her call, who must do everything he can to keep her on the line. Will he lose her, or will she find the will to live? More Fishing A black-and-white short film from filmmaker Robbie Walsh. More One Last Look One Look Look is part of the S.P.L.I.T series from filmmaker Robbie Walsh. More Boris in the Forest A black comedy about a Californian geek in search of his horror hero Boris Karloff. Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, horror geek Merv Blanco holds forth in reverential ecstasy as he finally finds himself outside 36 Forest Hill Road, London, birthplace of his hero, screen legend Boris Karloff. But what awaits in the run-down kebab shop that occupies what was once the Karloff home, is not what Merv was expecting. More Triggermen This is Spinal Tap meets Goodfellas on a very limited budget. More Betrayed Shane is kidnapped after being accused of attempted rape on his friend's sister, but is he actually guilty? More A Poet's Seat This thoughtful film by Martin Del Carpio attempts to explain the feelings of an immigrant making a new life. He was himself born in Venezuela but raised in New York and able to draw on very personal and intimate experience. More All Its Name Implies "All Its Name Implies" focuses on the resilient residents of Paradise, California in the aftermath of the devastating Camp Fire. Most people have lost everything, and in their scramble to make sense of the unprecedented destruction, their shared sense of community only grows stronger. Featuring exclusive and powerful testimonials from the people who survived the inferno and created by filmmaker Ev Durán, who was raised in Paradise, "All Its Name Implies" is the story of Paradise, by Paradise, for Paradise. More 2nd Opinions 2nd Opinions is a short film about a couple who use an app to anonymously crowdsource their relationship issues with strangers. More Sphere of Fear A possessed football is killing people. Dylan Davis, with the help of a hot goth chick, must avenge his brother's death by the football and kill it before it falls into the mercenary hands of the mysterious hunter. More Crazy An insecure mob boss enlists the help of an eccentric hit man to 'take out' his girlfriend's lover who he presumes to have a significantly larger penis. The only problem is, it's almost 4:00. More Yemen - The Silent War ★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Tackling the devastating social effect of the Yemen civil war, this short documentary from filmmaker Sufian Abulohom is an emotionally ferocious undertaking that wrestles brilliantly with the crippling fear of living through a war zone and the impossibility of forgiving those who have dropped bombs on your family and community. More Wilderness Quest A teen's solo journey through a spiritual rite of passage tragically changes the trajectory of his life. More Verso Verso is less than 4 minutes long, and there is no real premise to the events that occur, making its plot a hard one to judge. The plot doesn’t provide much explanation. Furthermore, there is no dialogue at all, this makes the relationships between the characters and the motivations of individual characters more ambiguous thus, judging the performers is also tough. More Vengeance Runs Red As two drug dealers return home to their flat one Halloween night, they settle down for what they hope to be a satisfying evening of scary movies and good weed. But their night in is soon to be turned on its head as a young man hell bent on revenge for the death of his sister will stop at nothing until he finds retribution. More Trick ★★★ Brian Penn, UK Film Review "Leon (James Bryhan) is a loan shark in reflective mode. He sits musing while the kid (Corey Thompson) mixes and cuts a huge plate of cocaine. He relates the story of a stray cat that he once fed in an act of kindness; inevitably it kept returning in expectation of further treats. The fact that no good deed goes unpunished is a life lesson all too quickly learned by Leon, particularly in his line of business. Such lesson enters play when henchman Yuri (Nisaro Karim) produces customer Jimmy (Ben Thorne). Jimmy owes Leon money but wants more time to pay him back. In a fit of generosity Leon agrees Jimmy can pay him back at the end of the month." More Their War ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "100 years since the end of the First World War and #warmovies and filmmakers are still telling the seemingly endless amount of stories from those tragic trenches. The techniques of combat and warfare have evolved to be less personal since then, so the intimate violence that was necessary during the conflict is a highly emotive way to engage with the enduring themes of war. Filmmaker Max Mason's #shortfilm Their War is a breathtakingly heartbreaking and intimate piece on the human sacrifice needed More The Voice Within ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan's 2016 thriller Split with undertones of affecting emotional dramas like Room and short film Aimee, The Voice Within written by Laurie Henderson and Ernesto M. Sandoval is a crippling exploration of character and trauma. Loaded with sublime performances and technically skilled filmmaking, it's a movie audiences can happily grapple with." More The Visit ★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Stoking the fire of racial tensions is an essential way to explore its complicated issues and damaging effect on communities. Short film The Visit, directed by Shane Andries, is a smart and compelling take on the current climate of volatility which surrounds particular stereotypes and manages to approach the topic with a unique perspective. More The Tape A Black Mirror inspired dystopia where our dreams can be recorded and rewatched like an old college football game, writer-director Iacopo Navari’s vision of a not too distant technological future is captivating but the actual story built within the world-building does lack the same ingenuity. Subconscious imagination has become a commodity in Navari’s film as Joel Hume desperate to regain his ability to dream calls the Sandman corporation to help him recapture his happiest dream revolving around his ex-girlfriend. Joel is visited by dream repairman Bob who does a begins a full brain diagnostic to find a solution to Joel’s predicament. More The Redemption Act ★★★★ Owen Herman, UK Film Review "The opening shots of The Redemption Act set up a mystery. An extreme act of violence committed by one enraged man on another as a woman watches on in horror poses many questions. These questions are answered surprisingly quickly as the short takes this seemingly simple set up and turns into something you really don’t see coming... More The Jigsaw ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Told with mystery, suspense, and intrigue, short film The Jigsaw is an absolute marvel. Written and directed by Basil Al-Safar and Rashad Al-Safar, it tells the tale of one man (Pedro Monteiro) who travels to a small town to purchase the titular Jigsaw. Once there, the vendor of the shop (Daragh O'Malley) foretells of the Jigsaw's mysterious nature, and that it always returns to him... More The Golden Shore ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Short film The Golden Shore, directed by Fred Cavender and written by Lloyd Lewis, is a stylish and intelligent piece that explores the role of the individual during political strife, something all too familiar. More The Damned ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Thrilling dystopian dramas seem to be right in filmmaker Fred Cavender’s wheelhouse. Having delivered the immensely impressive short The Golden Shore, as well as a string of other movies in 2017, this latest titled The Damned, is just as thematically bleak but even more cinematic." More The Casting of an Innocent Woman The young girl Sara is at her first major audition. It quickly goes south when the producer Annette pushes Sara to her limits in an attempt to see what the young girl is willing to do in order to get the role. More The Apostate - Call of the Revenant "Lance Cooper (Jay Bryhan) awakes with serious wounds in a disused car park. Four mutilated victims are also found with no ready explanation of events. Cooper is questioned by Detective Inspector Hollie Andrews (Terri Dwyer) as the facts slowly unravel in flashback." Brian Penn, UK Film Review More The 38 to Hackney Thousands of people commute to work every day, with an average travel time of 54 minutes. We explore the journeys of one of these commuters. His name is Brian. More Supot This the subject of Phil Giordano’s tightly focussed NYU Tisch thesis script, focussing on Rene-Boy (Andrei Fajarito), who isn’t too keen on having his rite-of-passage surgery, performed by his own father Itoy (John Arcilla), rock-sharpened knife in hand. This theme of youth’s disdain for the importance placed on tradition and conformity is a well-worn path, but has rarely been shown in this way. More Sunday Worship ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Heartbreaking and stunningly filmed, short film Sunday Worship, written and directed by Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe, is an unforgettable piece of storytelling, combining emotional heft with aching tragedy." More Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy In Maxime-Claude L’ Écuyer’s short film Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy, Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy from Hamlet is reimagined within the weird and wacky context of the intergalactic universe of Star Wars. To celebrate both the 40th anniversary of Star Wars original release and the recent 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the short film presents this soliloquy as the inner voice of a Stormtrooper. More Somewhere in France Welcome to Somewhere In France, the stoner, road-trip, Western, heist-movie from director Fred Cavender that plays fast and loose with its plot, its characters, and it's tone to create an uneasy yet passable comedy... More Something Crunchy ★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "In a world where the truth is an increasingly elusive concept, short thriller Something Crunchy, from writer/director Fred Cavender, is a topical and technically impressive piece. Focusing on the investigations of freelance journalist Robyn (Bess Davies), the story unravels like a classic crime caper but for the modern age... More Soldier Bee ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review ​ "A brutally moving and psychologically affecting short film, Soldier Bee goes elbow deep into the harrowing suffering of someone with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), exploring the incredibly difficult assimilation that some war veterans face, and the pathological violence that can become entrenched in their being." More Round Trip Danny Bolt plays Constable Rose, a charming and likeable cop hoping for the easy transport of a prisoner in the back of his police car. Said prisoner, Ned (Lee Priest), is anything but cooperative though, and seeks escape at his first opportunity. However, their current location is in the massive unknown that is the Australian outback, where strange things start to happen. More Real Talk ★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "A tapestry of raw humanity, documentary film Real Talk: An Insight into the Lives of American University Students is directed by Sufian Abulohom and Bruna Weichert and captures something candidly affecting about the nature of young people traversing into adulthood. Full of diversity, emotion, and honesty, it's a film that audiences will be able to connect with, if only in places... More Pete A young couple must decide where to dispose of their recently deceased pet. More One Bad Mice Feature film One Bad Mice (2009) from directors Matthew Rafferty and Carlos Haney. More Oceanic Aliens ★★★★★ Alfie Kaye, UK Film Review "This breathtakingly-shot documentary consists of footage of relatively unknown marine species compiled by Johnson’s own personal dives in the Pelagic Black Water in Kona, Hawaii. Ask even the very best of photographers and they will all tell you that shooting under water is no easy task, yet, Oceanic Aliens share the same awe-inducing aesthetic qualities of Blue Planet II – managing to convince you, you are studying the species under the most intrusive of super resolution microscopes. " More Monsters "In a dark, well-furnished underground bunker, nine-year-old Jenn (Caitlin Carmichael) peruses a house-design catalogue – wondering what it’s like on the outside. Her family keep her locked inside to keep her safe from the “monsters”. But Jenn harbours a desire to escape." More Mission - Caligula ★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Electric with myth, legend, and hearsay, short documentary Mission: Caligula is the exciting story behind filmmaker Alexander Tuschinski’s devotion and ongoing plan to restore a version of the notorious seventies film Caligula. However, unlike most movie restoration projects, this is not for aesthetic or technical reasons, instead the version which Tuschinski plans to painstakingly piece together is going to be more aligned to that of the original filmmaker, Tinto Brass, who was famously dismissed from the film during production... More Meat on Bones ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Set upon a gorgeous clifftop and beach, the audience not only gets these breathtaking visuals, but also a poignant and affecting story with superb performances... If you can write characters as believable and engaging as this, evoke performances as entertaining as this, and strike thematic chords with an audience as intelligently as this, then yours is the world my friend." More Lost A 1-minute short film directed by Weiss Majewski. More LeSeurdmin ★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review ​ "Peter "Lizard Man" LeSeurdmin (Drew Current) is a deadbeat misanthrope who has alcoholic tendencies and severe depression - the perfect qualities for a hero then. After getting wasted in front of his partner Nicole's (Rasheeda Moore) parents and wreaking havoc across town, Peter's life starts to crumble. Not only does Nicole leave him, but a brew of extremely rare lizard beer leaves his body a medical marvel! Also, he has captured the attention of a villain known as The Grillmaster (no, not George Foreman), who speaks almost exclusively in food puns. The Grillmaster (Sam Pink) has sent his goons known as "Munions" (wordplaying Minions and Onions we think), to hunt him down." More Judging Tree ★★★★ "The Judging Tree, a short Greek film directed by Tsintzas Periklis, is a fascinating and individual piece that leaves the viewer captivated. Through its use of artistic aerial shots and fantastic utilisation of the Greek countryside, the film is filled with intrigue and betrayal, all the while reaching high above expectations to deliver a powerful ending. If it were not for one significant flaw, Periklis’ production could have acted as a perfect introduction to Greek cinema for international audiences." More Inside A 4-minute short film starring Jonathan Skye-O'Brien and Ellis Rother. More I Miss The War ★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "Immersing the viewer into the depths of familial angst, short film I Miss The War is an uneven yet moving piece of filmmaking, written and directed by Andrew Walsh... In need of a slicker production and a tighter storyline, I Miss The War is still a piece of captivating cinema. The engaging performances make it a worthwhile watch and the subject matter is notably bold enough to make Walsh a filmmaker to watch out for in the future." More I Am The Wanderer Chris Olson, UK Film Review More Hold Me Down ★★★★★ Chris Olson, UK Film Review "A tale of urban survival in this harrowing short drama from writer director Niclas Gillis. Hold Me Down is a ferocious denunciation of the roles some women are forced into in order to endure life as others want them to... Tianna Allen is superb in the leading role, occupying the tragedy of her character with grace. As she traverses the dangerous city streets in the dark, having left her not-so-home-sweet-home only to enter the lion’s den surrounded by vicious predators, no inch of Chastity’s life is safe or welcoming and Allen is marvellous at depicting the endurance of it all. Prince Richard Combs serves up a worthy turn as the good-for-nothing ex, whilst the aforementioned formidable screen time of Cheryl Juniaus is something to behold and completely captivating. More Hell's Bells "Morris dancing hasn't been this dark and mysterious since...well...ever! In a seriously entertaining short film, filmmaker Luke Jeffery delivers a black comedy literally with bells on, with a story which will make you question your whole reality. Or at least your perception of minority dance troupes...​" Chris Olson, UK Film Review More God's Kingdom ★★★★ Jack Bottomley, UK Film Review "It is remarkable how often you find yourself saying, when reviewing features, that a specific concept may have worked better as a short film but it is even more surprising how increasingly often that the opposite applies to short films. Some ideas carry such weight, such potential and such impact that a shorter duration feels like a tease and in the case of writer/director Guy Soulsby’s incredibly shot God’s Kingdom; this is most certainly the case. The short sees Jack (Anthony Flanagan) and young Ella (Leah Rhodes) on the run but whom are they running from? ...God’s Kingdom was a gripping, fascinating watch and no doubt but a brief glimpse into the mind of a confident filmmaker. Wowing in a number of respects, the minor niggles that disrupt the pace or small intricacies of the overall story do not detract from a strong piece of work all round by this team. Blessed (if you’ll pardon the pun) with a brilliant crew, setting and a rather excellent cast, Soulsby has delivered a most interesting film and I can only pray we shall see more good things on the horizon." More

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  • Hope in the Holy Land

    An American Christian with a deep love for Israel sets off on a journey across the Holy Land to confront his indifference toward the Palestinians and to search for the deeper truths behind one of the most perplexing and debated conflicts in the world. Along the way, he discovers the painful struggles of Jews, Muslims and Christians on both sides of the conflict. The result is an enlightening journey that exposes viewers to perspectives rarely seen in the media, and a challenge to a man’s heart to love his enemy.

  • Untitled Earth Sim 64

    A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.

  • Haunter

    A young man is haunted by a dark and deadly force.

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  • Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

    Watching movies has never been easier. There are free online movie streaming sites that let you watch any of your favourite films for FREE! You can find all sorts of genres, from drama to comedy and horror. Best of all, these sites do not require any registration or downloads. Simply visit the site, such as UK Film Channel - the one you are on, pick a movie and start watching it right away! This article will show you some great ways to get started with this new way to enjoy movies! Watching free movies online can often feel scary - especially if you are worried about the quality of the website, whether the content has been pirated, and whether watching the films could result in your computer or device downloading some kind of virus. You can rest assured that our free online movie streaming site is legal, safe and virus-free! Our list of the best free online movies to watch includes some short films and indie features across all different genres. Watching movies online is a great way to enjoy your favourite films without having to leave the comfort of your home. In addition, there are a number of great websites that offer free movie streaming services. Here are a few of the best: 1. UK Film Channel: That's us! We have been providing free films for a number of years, with new titles being added all the time. 2. Crackle: Crackle is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites, and it offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows. 3. Snagfilms: Snagfilms is another great site for finding free movies online. It offers a wide variety of genres, including documentaries, independent films, and classic movies. 4. Popcornflix: Popcornflix is a website that specializes in streaming free movies. It has a large selection of TV shows and movies for you to watch, as well as a number of exclusive titles. If you're paying for movie subscriptions, downloading movies, or renting them through iTunes - and are happy with that setup, you may not need a streaming service providing free movies. If you're looking for free online streaming sites, there's a good chance that you already know about the 'big guys.' In fact, they may be your only options. However, if these movie services don't cut it anymore because of slow load times or annoying advertisements - then an alternative like UK Film Channel could be the perfect solution! The vast majority of online movie streaming sites ask for sign up. This is to get your details, which they can then use to allow you access to their site - as well as anything else they may want to do with them. At UK Film Channel, we will only ask for your details if you want to watch one of our Video On Demand movies - as we need to take payment, therefore your details. Not All Free Online Movie Streaming Sites Are The Same The dangers of watching films online include: Piracy – Watching a downloaded film is illegal and if caught, you could be fined or go to jail. Computer viruses – If not properly protected, your computer can become infected with malicious software that will corrupt files and damage the operating system. A badly damaged computer can cost hundreds of pounds to repair. Expensive subscriptions – Many online movie streaming sites require a paid subscription, which can be expensive if you don't watch a lot of movies. So, before you start watching your next film online, make sure you are aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your computer. And remember, it's always better to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home, on a big screen TV, than on a small computer monitor. That's why many of the films you can view on UK Film Channel can be cast to your Smart TV!

  • Where to Watch Free Films: UK Film Channel

    Where to Watch Free Films: UK Film Channel The UK Film Channel is a great place for people who love films but don't want the hassle of paying for them. This channel offers free movies with no commercials, so you can enjoy your film without any interruptions! Plus, we're always adding new content, so there's never a shortage of things to watch. It's easy to find what you're looking for by browsing through categories like "Drama" or "Documentaries." You can also search by keyword if that's easier. Other Streaming Services Don't Provide Free Films Netflix is a streaming service that offers its users a wide variety of films and TV shows to watch. It is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and it is available in over 190 countries. Netflix offers a free month-long trial, and its monthly subscription prices start at £5.99. However, Netflix is not the only streaming service that offers a great selection films. The UK Film Channel also provides its users with a wide selection of free films to watch. The UK Film Channel is available in over 150 countries and offers a variety of different genres, including action, comedy, drama, and horror. Unlike Netflix, the UK Film Channel does not require a sign up to watch their free films or ask you for any credit card details. Sky Cinema is the UK's leading film channel, showing the latest and greatest movies from around the world. With over 1000 movies to choose from, there's something for everyone. Plus, there's a great selection of Sky Cinema Original productions, including the award-winning drama Riviera. They do, however, require payment. There are no free films to be found here and with the rise of many other new streaming services in the last few years, they have found themselves with dwindling content they used to rely on. Disney Plus is a direct-to-consumer streaming service from The Walt Disney Company. It offers ad-free programming with a library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries including content from the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic brands. Disney Plus is available in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. It is often priced slightly less than Netflix and Sky Cinema but does often receive criticism for lacking in the "new content" area. Again, no free films are to be found here. Shudder is a streaming service for horror fans. It offers a great selection of horror films, as well as documentaries and TV shows. The service is ad-free, and there are no subscription fees. You can watch Shudder on your computer, phone, or tablet. Mubi is a website that allows users to watch films for free. It has a library of over 35,000 films, and new films are added every day. Again, no free films are found on those popular streaming services and platforms. Downsides to UK Film Channel include no viable app (not yet) and the selection of films is great if independent cinema is your thing but for the latest films and blockbusters, you may still need to go to one of the aforementioned. All our films are either free, or video-on-demand - meaning it's just a one-off payment to watch it. So that's it, get going on the world's leading website for free films that are 100% legal to watch.

  • Monsoon Clips Trailer

    Watch the trailer for Monsoon Clips, available on the UK Film Channel.

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