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    • Free Movies in May 2020

      It’s been a while since we spoke. How have you been? All good? No global pandemics to speak of? Okay great… Well, we have been busy! Not only have we massively increased our selection of indie film rentals - there are some absolute corkers in our Rent section - we have also expanded our free movies pages. In this feature, we will highlight some of the newest arrivals to our Free Films page. Baxu and the Giants on the UK Film Channel Directed by Florian Schott and one of the official selections of the Beeston Film Festival, Baxu and the Giants’ storyline is about Rhino Poaching but seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl. The film and it’s movie trailer are available to watch now, in stunning HD, completely free. The Critic by filmmaker Stella Velon This film was the very first movie we added to the UK Film Channel last year! The UK Film Review Award-Winning short film was originally just £1.99 per rental...and a free movie! Starring Stella Velon (who also wrote and directed the piece), it tells the tale of an actress facing her harshest critic in a deeply engaging dramatic atmosphere. Head over to our Free Movies page and find this incredible short film to watch now. Eden and S.P.L.I.T from filmmaker Robbie Walsh One of our favourite filmmakers, Robbie Walsh donated two of his movies to our Free Movies section in order to help the world get through isolation a little easier. Eden, which explores homelessness, and S.P.L.I.T, a hilarious mockumentary, are wonderful 4-star indie films that are both feature length! That’s right, if you have hours in your calendar to fill, and we know you do, these two free films will keep you more than entertained! Asra on the UK Film Channel Another official selection from the Beeston Film Festival, this wonderful short film (written and directed by Caio Cortonesi) is a true hidden gem. Full of mystery, intrigue, and a foreboding atmosphere, it is a truly special piece of filmmaking and one of our favourite newest free movies. Asra stars Humberto Pedrancini, Débora Aquino, and Caio Cortonesi. The Game of the Clock And last but not least, The Game of the Clock - a tense short thriller from director Michele Olivieri (who co-writes here with Ian Reid). Film critic Chris Olson from UK Film Review gave The Game of the Clock a very respectable 3 stars back in October 2019, and we are thrilled to bits that we can present this to our wonderful uses within the Free Films section.

    • UK Film Review debuts with a 2020 Virtual Film Festival

      London, May 2nd 2020 In their monthly film magazine, UK Film Review announced in their May edition that they will be launching their very first international film festival in November 2020. The news was broken by their Editor-in-Chief Chris Olson, who stated the decision was made to make their inaugural event a Virtual Film Festival in order to bypass the current issues being caused within the industry by Coronavirus. As one of the largest publications of movie reviews in the UK, UK Film Review have long been a pioneer of indie filmmaking, often promoting short films and independent cinema right alongside the big theatrical releases. The UK Film Review Film Festival 2020 has already opened for submissions via the popular festival platform, FilmFreeway, and will be open until nearer the even in the autumn of this year. Their jury will likely be made up of their house film critics, many of whom have a long running passion for short films, indie movies, LGTBQ+ cinema, documentaries and animation - all of which will have a home at the Virtual Film Festival. Our VOD platform will also play a role, hosting the actual Virtual Film Festival! UK Film Channel will be hosting the films which get officially selected, allowing viewers from around the world to attend the festival from the comfort of their own homes (or anywhere they can get a wifi connection if the COVID lockdowns have ceased by then). More details for the various screenings and events which will be included in the UK Film Review Festival will be released soon. What is a Virtual Film Festival? Virtual Film Festivals are film events hosted completely online, whereby audiences watch films from their own homes. They have the benefit of reaching a much wider audience without the restrictions of a venue (as well as the expense), and can also offer viewers a more bespoke experience, such as the option to have subtitles on the films you watch, or integrating social media directly with the screening. Many 2020 film festivals are looking to go virtual and this could be the start of a much wider appeal for online movie events. The use of Live Streaming for events such as Q&A’s and interviews with cast and crew is becoming commonplace, and for many filmmakers who submit their movies to film festivals, a virtual one allows them to attend without the financial and time burden that comes with traditional festivals.

    • Free Movies December 2019

      Free Movies in December 2019 December marked a huge moment for UK Film Channel. It marked the start of our official partnership with the wonderful Beeston Film Festival, and also gave our free movies section a huge boost! The Beeston Film Festival has been going for many years and is a popular destination for short films in particular. Our partnership with them means that any movie that has been, or is in the future, an official selection can get automatic placement on our VOD platform. So what new free movies have been added? New titles include: Oceanic Aliens Go With God Pete The Casting of an Innocent Women The 38 to Hackney Each of these films have also been reviewed by UK Film Review (or reviews are pending) so our users will be able to see what star rating they achieve from their film critics. We will also include a snippet of the official review on each movie's subpage with a link to where you can read more if you wish. Within the Beeston Film Festival section, you will also find a few movies which have been added as part of our rentals area. Whilst these are not free movies, they are brilliant films some of which are award-winning. They include: Those Who Can Die Nobody Dies Here Jenna Amour du Reel The Fire, A Fowl, and an (un)Forgotten Past We will most likely be adding more titles when the next Beeston event takes place, so check back nearer the time and be sure to follow us and the festival on social media. Another Addition to the Free Movies Section Not only did we add a selection of Beeston movies to our channel this month, but we also added the 4-star animated comedy LeSeurdmin! A glorious feature-length free movie that is more tongue in cheek than most - because it's a lizard tongue, right?! To access all of these free movies you can visit the dedicated section using the menu. Once there you can also find directions to subcategories for different genres, such as free horror films, free documentaries, and free comedy films (which is where you will be able to find LeSeurdmin by the way). As always, we encourage fans and users of UK Film Channel to help support indie films by sharing the heck out of anything you watch. The filmmakers really appreciate shout outs and it encourages others to consider adding their movies. If you tag @ukfilmchannel we will like your post (if we don't you have our permission to call us out).

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    • New Arrivals | UK Film Channel

      UK Film Channel New Arrivals Watch Our Newest Arrivals See the newest movies to arrive on the UK Film Channel. Check back regularly to see what has been added or sign up to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page. Quick View Aurora Borealis - 7 Day Rental Price £1.00 Add to Cart Quick View Monsoon Clips - 7 Day Rental Price £1.00 Add to Cart Quick View The Coffee Shop - 7 Day Rental Price £2.25 Add to Cart Quick View Aurora Borealis - 7 Day Rental Price £1.00 Add to Cart Quick View Monsoon Clips - 7 Day Rental Price £1.00 Add to Cart Quick View The Coffee Shop - 7 Day Rental Price £2.25 Add to Cart Our Newest Free Movies Calamity Bot A scientist creates an artificial intelligence robot with the ability to desire and to dream. It's first dream is to see the outside world but to do so he must prove to his creator that he is capable. However, his calamitous behaviour sees his dream of freedom inch further and further away. Alien Guy Tim An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but encounters many obstacles along the way. F R E D Fred is described on its own Twitter page as being “a short film about grief, obsession and our ghosts.” I’m not so sure. I mean, it has all those things in it, sure, but I don’t know if that’s what it’s really about. A lot is going on in Fred: a lot to consider. And I’ll be damned if I can tell you precisely what. But I do know one thing...I really like it! Redisplacement Redisplacement is a futuristic drama about memory and our understanding of the past. Though you've already seen it. Remember? Holdout HOLDOUT is based off the true story of a Japanese WWII Lieutenant who got left behind on an island in South East Asia after the war. He never got the memo that the war ended so he kept on fighting and only surrendered in the 1970s, nearly 30 years after the war ended. Our film is a gritty, dark dramatization of another soldier who didn't surrender when he encounters an American tourist from the modern world. It is also a character study on how people are neither good nor bad, but sometimes perpetrate evil because it is sometimes so ingrained in their way of life that they can't bear to lose the sense of purpose it gives them. Sensor Short film Sensor sees an aged Vietnam veteran finally decide to face his demons head on. With his life having been forever haunted by traumatic memories of conflict, it seems (as far as he is concerned at least) that these ghosts have now not only manifested themselves as a psychological threat, but also a malevolent physical presence. After resolving to placing motion sensors all around his property, he takes up a position to make his final stand. But unfortunately, making the brave decision to try to exorcise oneself of the past doesn’t always mean that you will succeed. Letters A poignant tale of friendship between a young postman (Malcolm) and a lonely old man (Kevin). Set on the day Malcolm finds out that Kevin has passed away, the film explores the relationship between the younger and older generations in our society today, as well as taking a close look at how lonely it can sometimes be living in a big city. Waiting A day in the life of Frederica, a retired widow, who once led a full and content life but who now spends her days - waiting. The Game of the Clock Starring Simon Mumford as Alice, who turns up at her friend Susan’s house late at night only to discover she’s not in. And instead of going home, our protagonist enters the house to find a seriously screwed up game of terror awaiting her. Aside from the clamorous alarm clock ringing, there is a note drawn in crayon asking if she can endure 5 minutes in this, The Game of the Clock. As Alice pokes around the house still looking for her mate, she finds more eery notes and something lurking in the shadows. Asra A religious and traditionalist man, defeated by an incurable degenerative disease, decides to end with his own suffering. He entrusts his son Omar, with whom he has a difficult relationship, with the task of finding someone to end his pain. Baxu and the Giants GEO-BLOCKED IN AFRICA. A story of how Rhino Poaching triggers social change in rural Namibia, seen through the eyes of a 9 year old girl. Load More

    • All Movies | UK Film Channel

      View All Movies View all the films currently on the UK Film Channel. New & Noteworthy FREE Films FREE Horror Films FREE Comedy Films FREE Documentaries 1400 Unrated 2025 The Genocide Program ★★★★ 6:16 ★★★★ A Cage, Two Birds Unrated A Crucifying Feeling Unrated A Day in the Life of a Pint ★★★★★ A Man's World ★★★★ A Piece of Stone Unrated Abyss ★★★★★ Aces ★★★★ After Hours Unrated Amani ★★★★★ Amour du Reel Unrated Bestattungsinstitut Unrated Breath Unrated California Hotdog Champions ★★★★★ Carga ★★★★ Chances Unrated Children's Games Unrated Choice "Mother" Day Shift ★★★ Dead Ringer Unrated Desire for Beauty Unrated Down, But Not Out! Unrated Dystopia St ★★★ Engaged Unrated Fallen ★★★★ Fine Dining ★★★★ Fred ★★★★ Fried Barry ★★★★ Get Rich or Try Dying ★★ Go With God ★★★ God's Kingdom ★★★★ Hell's Bells ★★★★ Hello Unrated Herringbone ★★★★★ Hold Me Down ★★★★★ Homicide Evidence 3 ★★★ I Am the Wanderer ★ I Miss The War ★★★ Inside Unrated Jacob ★★★★★ Jenna Unrated Jeronimo Unrated Judging Tree ★★★★ Khazana Unrated LeSeurdmin ★★★★ Life Between the Waters Unrated Lost Unrated Love the Original Way ★★

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